The Gemini Print team enjoy partnering and sponsoring Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Wild Place Project, which is run and operated by the conservation and education charity Bristol Zoological Society.

With the Gemini Print focus on sustainable environmental management, the societies internationally acclaimed work creating a sustainable future for wildlife and people is an important partnership.  One aspect of the team’s project work with Bristol Zoo supports their aim to develop integrated learning – educating us all to embrace wildlife conservations and understand more about animal welfare in addition to the zoo-based and field conservation of threatened animal and plant species.

Another international Bristol-based success is Aardman Animations founded in 1972 by animators Peter Lord and David Sproxton.  Their first project was creating animated sequences for deaf children for the BBC series Vision On.  After many successes which included the use of Plasticine modelling clay figures, in 1989 the Aardman team created Wallace and Gromit and produced A Grand Day Out followed by the Oscar-winning The Wrong Trousers (1993 and A Close Shave (1995).

The comical pair of friends: Wallace being a naïve English inventor with a love of cheese and his best friend, the intelligent dog Gromit have headed for Bristol Zoo Gardens this summer to help everyone discover what it takes to be a zookeeper.

Wallace and Gromit 1
Wallace and Gromit 2
Wallace and Gromit 3

Bristol Zoo Gardens told Gemini Print:

“We have a new trail featuring the popular eccentric inventor and his trusted canine friend created to help children and grown-ups learn all about the most important jobs in the Zoo.  And that sinister penguin, Feathers McGraw, who caused the duo so much trouble in The Wrong Trousers is also making an appearance.  He will be hiding in different places around the Zoo and visitors will have to try and spot him before he gets up to any mischief.”

David Sproxton, the co-founder of Aardman, said:

“With Wallace and Gromit in their 30th year of being in the public eye it’s only right that they should try their hand at something new and this time it’s being zoo-keepers.  Joining forces with Bristol Zoo, they have decided to help families learn more about keeping animals in captivity and what they can do to help conserve nature at this critical time for the environment. Everyone is very excited about this project, especially Feather’s McGraw who will also feature in the zoo trail. An experience not to be missed.”

Rob Page, Managing Director of the Bristol-based Gemini Print West, said:

“Partnering with Bristol Zoo Gardens is always fun and full of surprises.  To see the award-winning creators Aardman supporting them in this way is fantastic – another example of the collaborative approach that works so effectively towards the common aim of environmental awareness.  There are several people on our team who are looking forward to meeting the expert model-makers at the special workshops!”

The Wallace & Gromit trail will run throughout the summer and into the autumn until October 13.  A splendid way for Aardman Animations to celebrate the 30th anniversary for Wallace & Gromit’s first adventure, A Grand Day Out.