Covid and Gemini

Covid-19 has been a part of our lives now for the past 12 months, changing the way we live and the way we do business. 

Along with many other businesses we have had to make amendments to ensure we are adhering to new ways of working ensuring our buildings are safe for both our employees and any customers we have. 

We implemented a sensible package of precautionary methods to protect our manufacturing and production operations – thus ensuring continuity of supply to clients is protected with no compromise to service standards and quality.

To adhere to the Government requirements in restricting exposure Gemini Print actioned a considered resilience plan by moving a number of personnel to remote/home-office operating.  This proved to be a seamless operation & all normal telephone or email contact is maintained with your dedicated Account Manager & Sales contact.

The multi-site/geo-based Gemini Print manufacturing operations is further protected with managed, non-essential restrictions to site access – thereby helping to significantly negate any risk to our team, clients and suppliers.

As print plays a vital role for you when communicating with your customers you can be assured that the Gemini Print team is still fully prepared and ready to print, finish, despatch, mail etc, with no disruption to supply.

Gemini Print would like to express support for you and your business through the challenging time of COVID-19 and we all look forward to the news that the risk level has improved, vaccinations are working well, and this can all become “yet another challenge the business world has had to manage”.

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