Despatch and Transport

Despatch and Transport
Despatch and Transport

Once your print job is completed it begins the delivery journey to you, its first stop is Despatch and Transport. 

Meet Kevin

Kevin has been the Despatch manager at Gemini Print since 2014 and recently won employee of the month! 

Kevin is the last point of contact for the job on site. “I make sure all the loading is correct on time. After receiving the jobs from Hand Finishing or other areas of Gemini Print, I manage the jobs and the team to make sure that we get the print job out on the Gemini Print vans on time, this means I’m often in early to start the day at 5:30am.” 

It’s always busy in Despatch for Kevin and his team. Vans are constantly on the move and there can sometimes be delays on prints, so Despatch tries to make this up where they can, being flexible in this area, comes with the territory. 

Meet Dean 

Dean has been working for Gemini Print since 2015 and is our newly appointed Transport Manager.

Dean oversees all the deliveries once they have left Gemini Print HQ. “After we have received a job and it’s ready to go in to transit, I confirm information with Dave to confirm the delivery date, location and time. I use the despatch list to make sure that we have enough drivers for the job and plan the route, we have several routes and can send vans as far as Liverpool and Bolton in the day.”

Dean keeps track of the deliveries and the drivers, checking delivery notes using the software Big Change. “This allows me to also see failed deliveries and work on re-delivering these. Sometimes we receive jobs straight from the Litho Print department and send out sheets of prints instead of hand finishing so we communicate with several different members of staff to make sure the jobs go out complete and on time.”

At despatch, Kevin and Dean work hard to make your deadlines possible, their dedication and hard work make sure that Gemini Print delivers your final product in a safe and sufficient way. 

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