Digital Print
Digital Print

Speed, quality and cost are some of the most important factors when it comes to considering how your print job will be completed. If our experts at our HQ in Shoreham-by-Sea choose digital as your print option, this will be overseen by Digital Printing room Manager James. 

“All digital jobs come from the Studio, just like the Litho. We have 3 digital print machines the Kodak Nexpress SX3300, which works with toner and the HP Indigo 7800 which works with wet ink and a Xerox machine for your more basic prints.” 

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a more modern process than Litho. Digital printing involves complex computing which tells the machine how to create the image on the paper. The image on the screen is analysed and then converted into a format that can then be printed directly onto the surface required. 

Digital Printer Maintenance

“Depending on the quantity of the prints, I will decide what job goes on what printer. These printers run 24/7 so they need to be well maintained and looked after, so we do that every day to ensure the quality of the prints” says James.

Work completed by Digital Printers

Here are some of the print jobs that we can print within the digital print room, but not limited to-  greeting cards, personalised direct mail, binders, bookmarks, NCR, certificates, desk pads, vouchers, workbooks, legal corners, menus, lookbooks, magazines, newsletters, leaflets, flyers, books, brochures, programmes, booklets. 

Also in this area, we have machines that can collate the client’s job into brochures, books, leaflets as well as an industrial guillotine. We also have a printer that can produce envelopes, with a logo or return stamps for example and a laminator. 

Once your job has been printed it will then be sent to despatch to be sent to you, or to hand finishing for the final detail to be completed.

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