Digital Transformation with Web2Print Solutions 

Digital Transformation with Web2Print Solutions 


With the world living in the digital age, it almost seems that those who don’t follow the adoption of technology are a rarity these days, particularly in the world of business. As we head deeper into digitalisation, businesses should be looking to the future to analyse how they can improve the efficiency of their processes through technology. 

With regards to the printing industry, technology as a whole has made companies have to rethink, adjust and manoeuvre how they handle their printing processes. For better or worse, digital transformation technology has changed the landscape of the printing industry. One of the biggest changes to the industry was the arrival of Web2Print.

What is Web2Print?

Web2Print is a software print solution that enables businesses to create templates for marketing materials such as brochures, cards, newsletters and more. Web2Print is often used by companies that want to develop a range of marketing materials. The technology allows them the opportunity to produce consistent marketing products by enabling them to create templates.

How does Web2Print technology work?

The process of Web2Print involves a print request being made on the user/customer side of the online platform. Within the platform, a request is sent to the printers so that they can carry out the print orders of the materials. Once the print order is completed, the materials are sent back to the customer/user. The process allows a company to easily manage their own marketing material and efficiently complete orders in a shorter period of time.

What machines do you need for Web2Print?

With Web2Print technology being a software solution, you won’t need physical machinery to carry out its implementation. This enables a business to offload any current cost associated with their business, such as handling logistics and stock management.

Web2Print and Digital transformation

Web2Print software has enabled various businesses to change the structure of their business operations. Through the process of providing print requests with a software solution for a printer to receive and execute the request, Web2Print provides businesses with the opportunity to scale growth.

How to Utilise Web2Print for digital transformation

For businesses that handle large stocks or large quantities of transactions, implementing Web2Print solutions can provide opportunities to improve their customer order processing, which can result in faster order turnaround times. 

Here are ways that you can utilise Web2Print to transform your business:

Streamlining processes

Web2Print can simplify the entire design and production process for companies, allowing them to make orders effortlessly and promptly receive their completed products. With the digital transformation this technology can have, businesses are able to focus on what matters most — delivering exceptional results faster than ever before!

Clients who utilise our Web2Print services have reported an increase in time available to focus on other areas within their business that would otherwise be used in handling areas of the print process.

Simple submission of changes

Web2Print can be used as a direct submission portal to a print provider to order and amend your work. This can make forms of communication more straightforward when it comes to products, as the print provider is made aware of any alterations through the Web2Print portal. This can help businesses be at ease knowing that their changes will be more likely to be picked up and reviewed, as they will have submitted them in the Web2Print portal.

Opportunities for scaling 

The ability to upload, easily create and personalise designs can enable companies to have the flexibility to carry out frequent prints for their various business campaigns. This flexibility provides opportunities to scale ideas and campaigns that would have otherwise been restricted. 

The ability to create multiple variations of products allows businesses to test out different ideas and approaches, providing them with an insight into which strategies are more successful. This helps them understand their target audience better and modify their campaigns accordingly.

Brand consistency

When carrying out offline printing or requesting print requests, you need to ensure designs are consistent when carrying out specifications. This can be difficult if you have no way of saving templates for your company’s marketing designs to utilise in the future. However, the online portal through Web2Print can be used to create templates that businesses can reuse continuously to maintain consistency in their brand designs when creating printed materials.

Reduce costs

For a business today, maintaining and managing costs is essential. The online portal that comes with Web2Print enables you to handle stock management and transactions, taking all the stress out of managing multiple processes involved with a physical location. This can significantly reduce a business’s existing expenditures associated with in-house printing and external print services that may be costly. 

At Gemini, we have seen this change occur in real-time, with many of our customers who utilise our online Web2Print service seeing a reduction in costs through no longer carrying out the printing in-house or through high-cost services. 

This provides opportunities to allocate funds to additional areas of their business to maximise growth. So, if you’re looking to manage stock better or handle transactions from clients, implementing Web2Print can positively affect your business.

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