Gemini Print are celebrating that another major brand has realised the power of print on paper – recognising that print is the powerful and effective way to get an important message across.

Social media giant Facebook launched GROW.  While always extolling the virtues of digital they quietly launched the British based quarterly magazine aimed at wealthy businesspeople in the UK and Northern Europe– some call it a brochure, most call it a magazine.  The cover of GROW states a ‘quarterly magazine for business leaders’ although this contrasts with their head of business marketing who says GROW is a ‘business marketing programme’ so it’s a brochure.  However, roles such as editor in chief and creative director plus Facebook executive Nicola Mendelsohn referring to Grow as a magazine in her introduction makes denial rather futile!

There is so much evidence to support the facts that a good piece of print has the power to engage people at a very deep level providing a trusted experience.  Digital media is increasingly becoming a tarnished communication for advertisers. ‘Rules of Attraction’ reports that 81% of people purchased an item or visited a place after reading about it in a magazine.

Grow magazine reaches the target readership through targeted mailing, at Facebook business events and selected lounges at airports and train stations to reach executives ‘in transit’.  Facebook stated in a post about Grow “We know that business leaders have limited times for long reads at work.”

Writers commissioned by Facebook present articles and features ranging from hipster profiles such as Oscar Olsson of H&M (the millennial whisperer) to the growth of technology in the Middle East and the new role of Paris as a startup hub.

Grow Your Business. Grow Your Network. Grow Your Mind

 Some people may raise an eyebrow that FACEBOOK has used the same title as a cannabis horticulture magazine that is on FACEBOOK and publishes a magazine in the US, but maybe it expresses their supreme brand confidence not caring about such things!

Paul Crimmen, Development Director, Gemini Print says “We welcome the recognition by Facebook that the most powerful approach to maximise engagement and response is through an effective multi-media approach.  Gemini Print are recognised as innovators guiding clients to gain from the strength of integrating print with online and multi-media.”

Paul and his team invite you to contact Gemini Print on 01273 464884 or for a free demonstration.  He says “customers are always so pleasantly shocked at the low entry cost to this powerful way to increase ROI on any marketing or communications – I typically have to repeat the price as they expect so much more for the huge value they can gain.”

FB GROW launch