Gemini Print and Artists Open Houses Awards 2022

After a very successful 40th year of Artists Open Houses all the finalists, judges and sponsors gathered in the lovely Old Market in Hove to announce the winners of all the AOH awards.  Suzanne Heaven from the Gemini Print Group highlighted that the outstanding standard of art and creativity had made the judges work very challenging, however the team were delighted to announce the winners.


“There are no rules to good photography.  There are only good photographers!”

WINNER: Lyn Holly Coorg.  

Born in Sussex, she gained her passion for photography during her years in Canada using a Brownie camera before returning to the UK to study photography and art history in Bristol and at Brighton University.  She is highly respected for being a powerful visual story teller and a key contributor to the Getty Images library.  Look at the work of LYN HOLLY COORG and we think you will see why she is the winner of the Gemini Print and AOH PHOTOGRAPHER of the YEAR Award 2022.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Joe and Lanie – Rose Hill Rebels.   

This award is a wonderful reflection of the spirit of inclusivity, community, and diversity that is core to the Artists Open Houses.  It is also a first as it is a ‘double-award’ as it was impossible to choose between these two photographers whose work was displayed alongside each other at the arts project run at their senior housing community.  Many congratulations to both JOE and LANIE of the wonderfully named ROSE HILL REBELS

HIGHLY COMMENDED: David Streeter.  

Highly Commended award for someone who is consistently active, creating a huge range of work from landscapes to party papping, plus sharing his skills to run training workshops, and being a strong supporter of the Hove arts community.  We are delighted that Highly Commended is also awarded to DAVID STREETER.


“We do not judge great art.  It judges us!”

WINNER: Sarah Jones. 

The winner of the Artist of the Year Award 2022 was a graduate of Brighton University who developed a strong career as an illustrator for major brands.  Still based in Brighton and borrowing from her illustrative background Sarah now produces limited edition fine art prints of both urban and rural landscapes, with a wonderful mix of precision, creativity, and playfulness. She was awarded Highly Commended by Gemini Print in the AOH awards in 2021 so it is great to celebrate the elevation to winner for SARAH JONES


This Highly Commended is awarded to a long time Brighton favourite (we should point out that we really were not influenced by her husband’s Pimm’s making skills at the wonderful Trojan House venue on the AOH trail!!).  Troy is an artist and printmaker who is not afraid to experiment and go beyond the rules whether she is painting wildlife, animals, or golden landscapes.  TROY ELIZABETH OHLSON.


The next award goes to someone who is a long-established designer and illustrator whose work makes you smile.  It is highly skilled in its apparent simplicity but has a wonderful sense of humour and fun that can communicate with people who wouldn’t even think that they appreciate good art – J DAVID BENNETT

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Tess Gartland-Jones. 

If ever you want to be reminded how beautiful our natural world is, there is an artist who truly demonstrates fine art skill and a proven passion for painting, drawing, and exploring.  Do enjoy the beautiful work by TESS GARTLAND-JONES who achieved Highly Commended.

Mark Tulley of the Gemini Print Group presented certificates and prize vouchers.  He commented “with a long-standing partnership with Judy, Chris, and all the AOH team it is always a great pleasure to see how the consistent creativity and innovation that achieves wonderful results”.

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