The Gemini Print Group invests in the latest Kodak Sonora Process Free-Plates for our Litho printing presses across the entire group and also a whole host of workflow production tools for our Kodak Prinergy Systems.

Kodak Sonora Process-Free plates eliminate all plate chemistry and help to keep all toxic wastage at Gemini to a minimum. Gemini have also been awarded with Kodak’s Green Leaf Award Certificate for continuing to support the local environment.

How will this benefit you?

You can be confident that when placing orders with Gemini that the work will be produced with the lowest impact on the environment in mind and a continued drive towards sustainability.

The software update includes Kodak Prinergy Workflow ‘where control meets freedom’ this high tech software ensures colour consistency and accuracy is monitored throughout the production of each job. The software is customised to the way Gemini works best, this flexibility means Gemini are very much in control of the end product and not reliant on one process like many presses.

The Kodak Insite Prepress Portal updates means faster turnaround times for you. Available 24/7 this portal allows you access anytime from any place and connects you interactively to your proofing files. In time FTP logins will gradually fade out for digital printing and the new system linked with Insite will be integrated into the workflow. Digital proofing will now be of a higher standard with accurate colours for online proofing (varied dependant on viewing device). If any problems arise with Insite please do not worry as the system is checking automatically for problems which will be flagged up so corrections can be made quickly.

Connectivity upgrades to Kodak Magnus 800 CTP devices includes unique Square spot imaging technology that produces a cleaner and crisper image onto the Sonora printing plates. Click here to have a look at the video below to see how the plates work in action.

If you would like to know more about the recent Kodak updates, please call us today on 01273 464 884 or email we look forward to working with you.