Following the announcement, ‘Kingsdown Printer goes bust leaving 60 people jobless.’ (Bristol Post) the Gemini Print Group are pleased to confirm that they have welcomed a significant amount of staff to join the Bristol-based division of Gemini Print (previously known as Gemini West).

Gemini Print focussed on quickly ensuring all Kingsdown clients who had printing jobs ‘in limbo’ had their work completed.  Lisa Shareef who joined the Gemini team from Kingsdown said: “We have been impressed with the Gemini Print ability to deliver at such short notice and we are excited to now be working for such a professional customer focused firm.”

Rachel Morrison said “joining the Gemini Print team has immediately highlighted the differences – with their nationwide coverage and major printing operation in Sussex, in addition to London and North East offices, we know we have a secure 24/7 multi-site capacity to ensure our customers get the very highest standards of commercial printing skills”.  Nick Garcia commented “With more than 40 years experience and a team of more than 160 skilled people plus consistent investment in quality printing and finishing plant I can be so confident in the range of services.”

Vince Edwards is also enjoying joining the Gemini Print team. “It doesn’t matter if it is the smallest bespoke digital printing request to magazines, brochures and report projects with full mailing and fulfilment services and digital integration. My new Gemini colleagues all have a great deal experience providing the right results and value which is very reassuring and has given me great confidence in an exciting future”.

Gemini Print in Bristol, led by Managing Director Rob Page has grown from strength to strength since he joined five years ago.  Rob said “I am so proud of our team and everything they achieve.  We have great relationships with our customers with testimonials and referrals that make us very happy, and it is already clear that the new people on the team welcome our approach to service and quality standards.”