The Value of Paper

How to Help Protect Your Business from Paper Shortages & Price Increases

Most professionals have recognised that reliance on online promotion and communication is a serious weakness for any business – motivating a strong renaissance in the understanding of the trust and unique responsiveness of print and paper.

Even the most passionate ecowarriors now understand that plastics can cause serious harm while the developments in effective environmental controls and processes for paper production can result in a positive green impact.

Did you know that European Forests have grown by an area the size of Switzerland in just ten years?  Eco-certified printers such as Gemini Print have committed to play their part in helping ensure the unique qualities of print and paper can be enjoyed without guilt for generations to come.

While appreciating the value and power of print and paper all businesses and organisations need to prepare for substantial increases in paper prices due to continuous cost pressure combined with global supply/demand balance. Both coated and uncoated and all stock levels from the thinnest newsprint to the most refined artboards. Costs will also hit products ranging from packaging boxes to toilet paper.

Paper suppliers and printers did their best to absorb many of the increases that hit in 2017, but the ongoing price levels mean that increases will have to impact customer prices now.  Gemini Print, in partnership with our supply chain, works hard to protect maximum value for customers at all times.

Steve Cropper, Group Managing Director, said: “Supply and price issues with paper means those customers who work with us to agree their longer-term requirements will enable us to provide the best options and solutions. To ensure you get the paper quality and price you want for your project, earlier planning and close consultation with the Gemini Print team is more important than ever.  We have increased the number of our account management and customer service teams to maximise the support we can give customers.  Gemini Print has also developed some innovative approaches to integrating print and digital solutions to increase responsiveness and to reduce wastage.”

Worldwide factors driving price increases e.g:-

  • Brexit influenced sterling uncertainties, and fluctuations -80% of UK paper supplies imported from Europe
  • Increase in pulp prices throughout 2017, continuing through 2018
  • Low margins on paper plus increased legislative demands discouraging investment resulting in many mill closures
  • Increased demands for all grades of raw materials and paper in China together with a ban on importing waste paper
  • Panic buying of toilet paper in Taiwan following forecasted price increases of 30%
  • Calls to replace plastic backing on packaging and nappies with paper
  • US pulp prices have risen more than 35% in the past year
  • A truck drivers strike in Brazil, the worlds largest producer of eucalyptus pulp has led to a production and supply bottleneck.

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