ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation2016-11-21T10:01:37+00:00


ISO 14001 which was created in 1996 is one of 16 standards in the ISO 14000 family. It is intended to promote a more effective and efficient environmental management system. The accreditation is an internationally accepted standard that should be at the core of any effective Environmental Management System. The standard is devised to reduce a company’s environmental impact whilst minimising any detrimental effect on profit.

In today’s current climate all companies should be showing ever-greater awareness and concern for environmental issues, which has led to more and more organisations insisting that their suppliers are ISO 14001 certified. Without this accreditation you will undoubtedly be excluded from competing for an increasing number of business opportunities.

A key benefit of ISO 14001 is the cost savings, these savings are made by recycling and reducing waste. Using Gemini Print as an example, we recycle all plates and waste paper and these savings are then passed on to our clients. Gemini, as one of the fore runners, has seen many improvements to its day to day running; we have reduced and in some cases eradicated unwanted noise, unpleasant and harmful fumes and waste.

When choosing Gemini Print for your printed work you are choosing a company who is making every effort to minimise theirs and your impact on the environment.