A message from Gemini Print MD, Steve Cropper regarding PaperlinX UK in administration.

While this latest development is undoubtedly a serious disruption in the sector generally, Gemini Group is very well placed to help fill any supply chain gaps for both new and existing clients. Gemini’s trading position and activity levels are strong and this puts us in a favourable position in comparison to our competitors – who may unfortunately struggle to secure supply.

We have a range of alternative loyal suppliers with long standing arrangements in place and this week we have agreed yet another new source from a major UK merchant. Meanwhile we have put in place a robust buying strategy that will ensure we continue to provide our customers with a first class printed product on guaranteed FSC quality sheets.

So it’s business as usual, customer service top priority and we will continue to provide a seamless USP for our clients – that makes Gemini Group the reliable print partner at all times.

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Brighton Fringe Print Offer – Our Customers

We are proud to showcase the customers who have taken advantage of Gemini Digital’s special print offers in association with Brighton Fringe 2015.


Please click on any of the images above to go to our special feature Brighton Fringe 2015 webpage. Full show artwork for our clients is available, along with their company/production website and Brighton Fringe box office show links.

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This Award is presented by Gemini Print – the official Brighton Fringe Print Partner.

It is open to all designs for print to celebrate the best printed publicity campaign for Brighton Fringe 2015.


WHO: Any art director, designer, illustrator, photographer, typographer, fringe festival participant.

WHAT: All official designs for print developed for Brighton Fringe 2015 can enter.


• Simply e-mail an example of your intended printed communication (leaflets, posters, flyers, postcards and so on) for Brighton Fringe 2015 by April 30, 2015 to Mark at:

• You may submit up to 5 pdfs or photographs per entry

• Please make credits and descriptions as complete, legible, and accurate as possible.

All submissions will be assessed on the following criteria:

Eye-Catching: Most importance will be given to the immediate appeal of the artwork, including impact, originality and style

Informative:  The quality and design of the information presented on the artwork.

Marketable: The overall marketing effect of the artwork – why does it make me want to see this show?


• An independent panel of three judges will select the winners. Further details and biogs of the judges will be announced shortly.

• Deadline for entries is April 30, 2015

• The winner will be announced on June 1, 2015 and will receive £500 worth of printing plus associated publicity.

• For more information visit

• By submitting work, entrants acknowledge Gemini Print’s right to use the winners artwork for general publicity surrounding the award and on its website and related digital products.

Every entrant receives a 20% discount on Gemini Print services during Brighton Fringe 2015

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Gemini Print is delighted to announce the judging panel for the inaugural Best Design for Print Award. Open to all designs developed for this year’s Brighton Fringe, the Award will go to the best-judged creative.

The judges are calling out to all art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers, typographers and Fringe festival participants to submit their creatives before the end of April. Entry is free. Deadline for entries is April 30. Full details on how to enter are available at:

The judging panel comprises:


Mark Tulley, director of Gemini Print, one of the region’s largest and most progressive printing houses. What he doesn’t know about print isn’t worth knowing!

Daniel Fagg, creative director at Designate – Brighton’s biggest creative agency whose clients include LV=, Mark Warner holidays, Columbus and UKSA.

Rupert Denyer, one of the country’s leading street and landscape artists, who has also worked as creative director for several leading global agencies.

Kimberly Butler, marketing director at Brighton Fringe, who has over 20 years’ experience specialising in the luxury, lifestyle and travel sectors.

Gemini’s Mark Tulley, whose idea it was to launch the awards, said: “Each of us is a passionate advocate for the creative arts and as a group we contain a varied mix of unique and differing perspectives. We feel this will make a fair and robust judging panel and I’m sure we will enjoy some spirited discussion as we whittle down entries to find a winner.’

Gemini Print is the official print partner with Brighton Fringe and is offering subsidised print to all Brighton Fringe participants and venues.

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Christmas… It’s So Last Year!

Steve Cropper, MD of Gemini Print reflects on the holiday period that was and the future in store for 2015.

It’s January 5, and my first day back at work in 2015. I was one of the lucky ones here who had the entire week off. Opening the door of the office the first thing that hits me is the somewhat tired looking Christmas decorations still decking the halls and walls of the office. Ahh they are so last year!

Job one – pack them away immediately. I, for one, am well and truly over Christmas and New Year at this stage. Walking into my own office, I’m confronted with the full season’s range of Christmas cards! It’s like rows of patient pigeons – all lined up on the window sills, filing cabinets, on my desk – some with sad little curling corners now (yes, its hard being so popular!). Job two: put cards in the recycling bin. But before I do that, I can’t resist one last look through them, one by one, before I drop them into the basket. I just want to remind myself of who they’re all from, who bothered to scribble a few lines to me and wish me a good 2015. Ah yes, John Peters, Kate and Shaun, Gerry from the building next door, Joe from one of our top suppliers, … and so on. Ah that’s better – a nice clear office space now.

But it gets me thinking…. It takes a lot of effort to send a Christmas card or any card for that matter. And that’s why when the same question comes up every year – without fail: “Shouldn’t we just send an e-card to everyone?” I’m glad I always say ‘No’. Not just because we’re a printing company but because e-cards, e–messages, e-invitations, even e-brochures are just not the same as the real McCoy. They don’t show the same thought, the same kudos, the same effort, the same appreciation, the same love ….and they generally are not revisited and re-read!

Would you revisit, or reread a Christmas e-card in January? Would you even read and save it after you’ve first opened it? Honestly? Of course not!

It’s nice to take that one last look through the cards, to remind myself how popular I am! Joking aside – it’s lovely to remember everyone and what they have done during the past year for you, with you or because of you.

There is something about print that you find hard to ignore. You think before you bin – and, because there’s always, or nearly always, a space on your desk for it – at least for a while!

It’s the same with invitations. There is nothing more lovely than a beautifully designed and finely printed invitation. Some invites I have received have fantastic finishes, and the effort put into designing something beautiful to send to someone makes the recipient feel important. Someone had to write your name, put it in an envelope, address it and post it. What an effort – they must really want you to attend. It’s just not the same by email! There is no comparison.

And that’s it really. Great design + great print = impact. Which brings me to our Award for Best Design For Print Award 2015. We’re working with Brighton Fringe to award the best designs for any printed Fringe promotional material. So any designers, creatives or Fringe participants get your designs in. All details are on the Brighton Fringe website.

So that was Christmas. The day we planned for, shopped for, stressed about for over three months. And it’s over. We’ve all arrived safely in 2015 and the cards are still here to prove it! Print is permanent, it requires effort and imagination – it’s a winner. With that thought, I have a spring in my step – it’s good to be in print.


This article first appeared in Sussex Business Times, January 2015

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Arriba! Arriba! Partners Again for 2015

Gemini Print joined Brighton Fringe stalwarts, Flamenco Productions, to announce its second year as official partners with Brighton Fringe. To mark the colourful celebration Gemini Print is offering subsidised print to all Brighton Fringe participants and venues

Mark Tulley (pictured) of Gemini Print said that he was really delighted to be supporting the festival again this year. ‘’Gemini Print is key supporter of all things Brighton and the Brighton Fringe Festival is without doubt one of the highlights in the City’s calendar,” he added.

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New Year, New Website

Gemini West wish you all the very best for 2015, and to celebrate the new year, we
have just launched our new website

We hope you can find the time to take a quick look at our new website and
welcome any feedback – good or bad on how you think we could improve.  To
leave any feedback, please click here

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Gemini West Celebrates in Style

Gemini West Celebrates in Style

John Boyle, OBE of Gemini Print group and Alistair Reid, Director for Economy, Bristol City Council

More than 120 guests toasted Gemini West at its celebration party last Thursday (October 16) in Bristol.

The event, held at the Riverstation, celebrated the company’s fantastic year – with over £1 million invested in its Hockeys Lane, Fishponds factory, increased turnover and new jobs created. On the night Gemini West welcomed local councillors, representative from all areas of the media and over 100 key businesses from the region.

Gemini Group owner, John Boyle, OBE, said Gemini West was now the most capable printing operation in the region. During his speech he reiterated to all that buying print locally was good for the economy and good for the environment, reducing transport and fuel emissions.

The lively event also included a speech by Director of Economy at Bristol City Council, Alistair Reid. He said he was delighted be at the event, congratulated the company on being one of the most successful in Bristol and said that the business was a real asset to the city.

Champagne and delicious canapés were served to guests followed by Bristol’s best fish and chips. Guests delighted in the creative talents of a roving silhouette artist who cut out their profile on paper in seconds – to give each guest their very own personal image. One lucky guest also won a fantastic hot air balloon trip, after deciphering the QR Code competition run at the venue by Gemini.

The Gemini Group comprises Gemini West, Gemini Brighton, Gemini Press and Gemini Digital in Shoreham-by-Sea and. Gemini London was also unveiled earlier in the year, giving the group a presence in the captial. Visit:

For further information contact: M: 07908716655

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