FACEBOOK Using The Power of Print

Gemini Print are celebrating that another major brand has realised the power of print on paper – recognising that print is the powerful and effective way to get an important message across.

Social media giant Facebook launched GROW.  While always extolling the virtues of digital they quietly launched the British based quarterly magazine aimed at wealthy businesspeople in the UK and Northern Europe– some call it a brochure, most call it a magazine.  The cover of GROW states a ‘quarterly magazine for business leaders’ although this contrasts with their head of business marketing who says GROW is a ‘business marketing programme’ so it’s a brochure.  However, roles such as editor in chief and creative director plus Facebook executive Nicola Mendelsohn referring to Grow as a magazine in her introduction makes denial rather futile!

There is so much evidence to support the facts that a good piece of print has the power to engage people at a very deep level providing a trusted experience.  Digital media is increasingly becoming a tarnished communication for advertisers. ‘Rules of Attraction’ reports that 81% of people purchased an item or visited a place after reading about it in a magazine.

Grow magazine reaches the target readership through targeted mailing, at Facebook business events and selected lounges at airports and train stations to reach executives ‘in transit’.  Facebook stated in a post about Grow “We know that business leaders have limited times for long reads at work.”

Writers commissioned by Facebook present articles and features ranging from hipster profiles such as Oscar Olsson of H&M (the millennial whisperer) to the growth of technology in the Middle East and the new role of Paris as a startup hub.

Grow Your Business. Grow Your Network. Grow Your Mind

 Some people may raise an eyebrow that FACEBOOK has used the same title as a cannabis horticulture magazine that is on FACEBOOK and publishes a magazine in the US, but maybe it expresses their supreme brand confidence not caring about such things!

Paul Crimmen, Development Director, Gemini Print says “We welcome the recognition by Facebook that the most powerful approach to maximise engagement and response is through an effective multi-media approach.  Gemini Print are recognised as innovators guiding clients to gain from the strength of integrating print with online and multi-media.”

Paul and his team invite you to contact Gemini Print on 01273 464884 or marketing@gemini-print.co.uk for a free demonstration.  He says “customers are always so pleasantly shocked at the low entry cost to this powerful way to increase ROI on any marketing or communications – I typically have to repeat the price as they expect so much more for the huge value they can gain.”

FB GROW launch
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Welcome to Your New Job With Gemini Print!

With consistent investment and development of services for customers across all aspects of printing, promotional products, mailing and fulfilment plus exciting innovations the award-winning Gemini Print team is looking for new people to join.

Established in Sussex for more than forty years the Gemini Print headquarters in Shoreham by Sea is well situated to be reached by road, rail or the coastal bus service so applicants from across Sussex can apply.

Matt Cooper, Production Director Gemini Print said “we are very proud to be recognised as the leading commercial printer who attracts the best skills and experienced people to join as they spot the chance to develop genuine career opportunities with a company that ‘dares to be different’.  Printing is not a glamorous industry.  It is however full of variety and challenges at Gemini Print as every project for our customers demands a bespoke high-quality response.  It is this creativity and adherence to precisely what customers need that provides the satisfaction that skills and performance excellence are respected and valued”.

Many apprenticeships and trainee opportunities that lead to progression and stable career development for roles that do not demand previous experience have disappeared from lots of business sectors across Sussex.  Gemini Print is delighted to be recruiting school leavers plus new trainees.

Criteria for trainee roles includes common sense, good communication,  team spirit, good honest work ethic, demonstration of the capability to listen and learn, and the promise of great performance!

Roles to apply for include:  www.gemini-print.co.uk/about-us/vacancies/

  • Pre Press Operator
  • Print Room Assistant
  • Print Finishing Supervisors
  • Print Room Assistant
  • Trainee Finishing Operator
  • Print Sales Consultants
  • Print Finishing – Continental Night Shift
  • Trainee Finishing Machine Operators

The Gemini Print Group Managing Director and CEO Steve Cropper is a great example of Gemini Print career progression. More than 30 years ago he joined as a van delivery driver!  Throughout the company, there are lots of examples of multi-generation and family team members – all goes to show that it is a good business to join!

For any information email marketing@gemini-print.co.uk

Heidelberg XL 105
AW Business Awards Winner
Men in orange

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Help Protect Yourself

The Value of Paper

How to Help Protect Your Business from Paper Shortages & Price Increases

Most professionals have recognised that reliance on online promotion and communication is a serious weakness for any business – motivating a strong renaissance in the understanding of the trust and unique responsiveness of print and paper.

Even the most passionate ecowarriors now understand that plastics can cause serious harm while the developments in effective environmental controls and processes for paper production can result in a positive green impact.

Did you know that European Forests have grown by an area the size of Switzerland in just ten years?  Eco-certified printers such as Gemini Print have committed to play their part in helping ensure the unique qualities of print and paper can be enjoyed without guilt for generations to come.

While appreciating the value and power of print and paper all businesses and organisations need to prepare for substantial increases in paper prices due to continuous cost pressure combined with global supply/demand balance. Both coated and uncoated and all stock levels from the thinnest newsprint to the most refined artboards. Costs will also hit products ranging from packaging boxes to toilet paper.

Paper suppliers and printers did their best to absorb many of the increases that hit in 2017, but the ongoing price levels mean that increases will have to impact customer prices now.  Gemini Print, in partnership with our supply chain, works hard to protect maximum value for customers at all times.

Steve Cropper, Group Managing Director, said: “Supply and price issues with paper means those customers who work with us to agree their longer-term requirements will enable us to provide the best options and solutions. To ensure you get the paper quality and price you want for your project, earlier planning and close consultation with the Gemini Print team is more important than ever.  We have increased the number of our account management and customer service teams to maximise the support we can give customers.  Gemini Print has also developed some innovative approaches to integrating print and digital solutions to increase responsiveness and to reduce wastage.”

Worldwide factors driving price increases e.g:-

  • Brexit influenced sterling uncertainties, and fluctuations -80% of UK paper supplies imported from Europe
  • Increase in pulp prices throughout 2017, continuing through 2018
  • Low margins on paper plus increased legislative demands discouraging investment resulting in many mill closures
  • Increased demands for all grades of raw materials and paper in China together with a ban on importing waste paper
  • Panic buying of toilet paper in Taiwan following forecasted price increases of 30%
  • Calls to replace plastic backing on packaging and nappies with paper
  • US pulp prices have risen more than 35% in the past year
  • A truck drivers strike in Brazil, the worlds largest producer of eucalyptus pulp has led to a production and supply bottleneck.

For any information, please contact your account director/manager or marketing@gemini-print.co.uk


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Best Design for Print 2018 Awarded

On a warm evening, the Brighton Fringe 2018 finale was the awards ceremony held at The Warren. Gemini Print Group Sales Director Mark Tulley announced the following winners of the Gemini Print & Brighton Fringe Best Design for Print Awards 2018.


Passionate machine A3

Rosy Carrick who wrote and performed Passionate Machine.  Posters design credit Foz Foster and photography credit Ashley Clark


Ross Dinwiddy who designed and conceived the promotions for Frank Kafka Apparatus, produced by Rich Bright of Blue Devil Theatre.

Mark again highlighted what a tough decision it had been for the judges to select and agree on a winner.  He said, “the standard of entry continues to develop every year – all the creative work to promote such a wide range of entertainment has become such a strong feature of the Brighton Fringe, highlighting the skills, innovation and diversity.  Gemini Print is proud to be involved with the Brighton Fringe and all involved”.

The shortlist who gained COMMENDED certificates were:

  • The Treason Show designed and conceived by Mark Brailsford
  • Last Night at the Circus:  created and performed by Jane Postlethwaite.  Photography Andy Hollingworth. Graphic Design Chris Okse Oxenbury
  • David McIver Is A Nice Little Man graphic design Sam Nicoresti
  • Sussex Symphony Orchestra art direction Kate Benjamin. Illustrator Huw Roberts, Brighton University
  • I Married An Alien Card Sharp:  entered by Henry Bruce, Purple Playhouse Theatre.  Designer Shaky Kane
  • Gayz into Space:  Brighton Gay Men’s Choir.  Entered by Silvio Grasso
  • The Woman Who Conceived The Pill:  Brass Tacks Theatre.  Produced by Sarah Hickingbottom.  Artwork design Vince Haig
  • Diva Las Vegas: The Sundaes.  Created by E3. Designed by Danilo Raino
Brighton Fringe The Sundaes
A3 Poster Apparatus Frank Kafka
Gayz into Space
I Married An Alien Card Sharp
Jane Postlethwaite final poster

Many congratulations from all the team at Gemini Print to the winners and commended and well done to everyone who entered this highly competitive award – every piece of work was a pleasure to review.  We look forward to seeing everyone at next years Brighton Fringe.

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Brighton Fringe and Gemini Best Design for Print Award Finalists Announced

Mark Tulley, Group Sales Director, the Gemini Print Group is celebrating the record level of entries received for the Brighton Fringe & Gemini Print Group BEST DESIGN FOR PRINT AWARD 2018.

Mark said “In March, with the help of The Sundaes we had such a fun launch on Brighton Pier, despite the wind and rain!  At that stage, we could have only have dreamt that year five of this Award would achieve so many high standard entries.  With such a range of performers and events, it is so important that the creativity to promote the diversity of the Brighton Fringe is supported.  Gemini Print is proud to be print partners to the major arts events in the region, so this Award is very significant.  So often the design and creative talent ‘behind the scenes’ miss out on the opportunity to be celebrated – winning £500 of quality printing is a great way to change this’!

Suzanne Heaven, Marketing Director, said “All the team at Gemini Print would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry. Work came in from artists, performers, promoters, venue managers, and producers. So many people got involved  There is the quirky, the amusing, the inspiring and intriguing – the wonderful melange that you would anticipate the internationally recognised Brighton Fringe and their participants to produce”

The finalists have been selected. Mark and judges Darren Smallman of Brighton Fringe, Gemma King of Vivid Marketing and Ian Trevett of Platinum Business, have many hours of debate ahead to select the winner.  All finalists will be invited to attend the awards event at The Warren in Brighton on the evening of Sunday 3rd June where the winner will be announced.

Brighton & Hove has every reason to be so proud to be the home of the largest annual arts festival in England and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. There is something for everyone: performance art, walks and tours, visual art, music, cabaret and circus, stand-up comedy, storytelling, dance, variety, and poetry with shows and events suitable for the whole family.  When choosing your entertainment, you even have the option to specify no swearing, no nudity or no strobe!

The Gemini Print Group are also working with Brighton Festival and Artists Open Houses.  Coming soon – an announcement about the Artists Open Houses and Gemini Print Artists of the Year Award.

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Blue is the new Orange

For one day only!  Everything at the Gemini Print Group went blue (and white!) for the day.  Even those who dislike football or have passionate allegiances to other teams recognised the important work that Albion in the Community does across Sussex to help people of all ages.

A fabulous selection of blue and white cakes set the sugar levels for people to go to the Shoreham & Adur FC ground ready for the penalty shootout.
Joined by the Brighton & Hove Albion official mascot Gully plus ex-star player Ian Chapman with a team from Albion in the Community the battle commenced.  Maintenance manager Mark Gretton had created a very challenging alternative to a goalkeeper, so it was a tough competition.

Thanks to the generosity of Pulse Environmental voucher prizes were awarded to the champions.  Representing the ladies was Laura Macintosh of Portslade who works in the Gemini Print Digital & Hand Finishing Team.  Doing Brighton proud was Richard Golds, Sales, who casually scored top points beating many energetic contenders who had several attempts to take his trophy away!
The fundraising for Albion in the Community continues with the auctioning of some signed football shirts.  Suters Yard and the Harbour Club in Shoreham are inviting all their customers and members to raise some more funds.

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Gemini Print Welcomes Kingsdown Team and Clients

Following the announcement, ‘Kingsdown Printer goes bust leaving 60 people jobless.’ (Bristol Post) the Gemini Print Group are pleased to confirm that they have welcomed a significant amount of staff to join the Bristol-based division of Gemini Print (previously known as Gemini West).

Gemini Print focussed on quickly ensuring all Kingsdown clients who had printing jobs ‘in limbo’ had their work completed.  Lisa Shareef who joined the Gemini team from Kingsdown said: “We have been impressed with the Gemini Print ability to deliver at such short notice and we are excited to now be working for such a professional customer focused firm.”

Rachel Morrison said “joining the Gemini Print team has immediately highlighted the differences – with their nationwide coverage and major printing operation in Sussex, in addition to London and North East offices, we know we have a secure 24/7 multi-site capacity to ensure our customers get the very highest standards of commercial printing skills”.  Nick Garcia commented “With more than 40 years experience and a team of more than 160 skilled people plus consistent investment in quality printing and finishing plant I can be so confident in the range of services.”

Vince Edwards is also enjoying joining the Gemini Print team. “It doesn’t matter if it is the smallest bespoke digital printing request to magazines, brochures and report projects with full mailing and fulfilment services and digital integration. My new Gemini colleagues all have a great deal experience providing the right results and value which is very reassuring and has given me great confidence in an exciting future”.

Gemini Print in Bristol, led by Managing Director Rob Page has grown from strength to strength since he joined five years ago.  Rob said “I am so proud of our team and everything they achieve.  We have great relationships with our customers with testimonials and referrals that make us very happy, and it is already clear that the new people on the team welcome our approach to service and quality standards.”

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Sexy, Sassy and Sensational

The judges for the Brighton Fringe and Gemini Print Best Design for Print Award 2018 have been announced!  Darren Smallman, Ian Trevett, Gemma King and Mark Tulley.   With expertise in design, print, media, arts and marketing they are working together to ensure another successful year celebrating the creativity and skills that play such an important role in the success of the Englands largest annual ars festival

To review the competition criteria the judges met on the Brighton Palace Pier in the new Palm Court restaurant.

In the true quirky spirit of the Brighton Fringe, The Sundaes with their stunning vocals and flamboyant costumes joined in the fun. The fabulous ‘sexy, sassy and sensational’ Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry broke into song delighting tourists and visitors to the Pier who ignored the rain to join in the fun.

The Gemini Print Group organise and sponsor the Brighton Fringe Best Design for Print annual competition with a prize of £500 printing and promotion.  Organiser Mark Tulley, Group Sales Director, Gemini Print says “the award is to encourage excellence in creativity and design promoting Brighton Fringe 2018.”

Any art director, designer, illustrator, typographer of Brighton Fringe participant can submit their designs to marketing@gemini-print.co.uk by Friday 27th April.  More information: https://gemini-print.co.uk/best-design-print-award/

The winner will be announced on Sunday 3rd June.

Fringe 2018 Judges

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Judges Announced for The Best Design For Print Competition.

It is good to see the first entries have started arriving into the Gemini Print Group for the Best Design for Print Award 2018.  With £500 printing prize to be won all designers and venue management involved with creating printed publicity for Brighton Fringe 2018 are invited to enter the competition that recognises the skill involved in successful event promotions.

The standards of entries we have seen so far are excellent – a little preview includes:

Theatre and Events Manager Henry Bruce of Purple Playhouse was first off the mark with the promotion for the award-nominated performance artist Anton Binder.  “Magic isn’t about showing off – it’s about the effect you create, bending the laws of the universe.  You don’t want them to think you have skills”.  Acclaimed comic book artist Shaky Kane designed the poster for ‘I Married An Alien Card Sharp‘.

A one-woman comedy show by the multi-talented performer, actor and writer Jane Postlethwaite (www.jane-postlethwaite.com) is the Last Night At the Circus.  The graphic designer Chris Okse Oxenbury created her poster with the photography by Andy Hollingworth.  Janes show is on 7th and 19th to 20th May at the Warren Theatre (www.housetheatre.org.uk/venues/the-warren)

Mark Brailsford, well known in Brighton for the long-running hit satirical comedy show The Treason Show, now in its 18th year, is certainly multi-skilled.  He is the Director/Producer in addition to creating a clever design for the artwork promoting the Brighton Fringe 2018 performance of The Moggfather with its warning of ‘may contain satire’!

Mark Tulley, Sales Director, Gemini Print Group said “It is good to see that the arts and creative community welcome our passion for the very best printing and design. We enjoy encouraging excellence in creativity and design for the Brighton Fringe 2018 – both the experienced talent and the first time designers.  This competition has run for five years and the skills it highlights never fail to impress everyone.”

Gemini Print are delighted to confirm that joining Mark on the judge’s panel will be:

Gemma King:  Managing Director Vivid Marketing & Design Consultants

Darren Smallman: Marketing Manager Brighton Fringe

Ian Trevett: Editorial Director Platinum Business Publications

If you are an art director, designer, illustrator, photographer, typographer or Brighton Fringe 2018 participant who is a DIY designer you are eligible to enter.

It is very easy to ensure you get involved. Simply e-mail a sample of your intended print communication (leaflets, posters, flyers, postcards etc.) created for Brighton Fringe 2018 by Friday 27th April 2018 to marketing@gemini-print.co.uk.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can also contact Gemini Print at any time.

You may submit up to 5 PDFs or photographs per entry.

Please make credits and descriptions as complete, legible and accurate as possible.

The judging criteria are as follows:-

Eye-catching: the immediate appeal of the artwork, including impact, originality and style.

Informative: the quality and design of the information presented on the artwork?

Marketable: the overall marketing effect of the artwork – why does it make me want to see this show?

The winner will be announced on Sunday 3rd June 2018 and will receive £500 worth of professional printing by the Gemini Print Group – plus associated publicity and celebrations!

The Gemini Print Group is the official print partner to Brighton Fringe 2018, providing printing, support and advice to all participants and venues every year.


Brighton Fringe I married an alien
Moggfather Poster
Jane Postlethwaite final poster

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Get On Your Bike For BHT – Greater Cycle Challenge

One of the Gemini Print partner charities is BHT.

BHT (established 50 years ago originally known as Brighton Housing Trust) is the East Sussex charity that makes a recovery from addiction a genuine possibility for so many and works so hard in the battle against homelessness and rough sleeping for adults, families and young people.  They run centres and services in Brighton, Hastings, and Eastbourne.

This year BHT has teamed up with The Living Coast to create the Greater Brighton Cycle Challenge comprising three exciting cycling experiences allowing for all levels of fitness:

BHT’s Around the World Cycle Challenge is a family-friendly event taking place the Preston Park Velodrome.

This challenge starts at 7 am and runs throughout the day, with cyclists aiming to reach the combined target of 69,215 laps (equating to cycling 40,075km around the world) in just 12 hours!

Laps can be completed in one session or over some sessions throughout the day, and there are designated slots for families and club cyclists. Refreshments will be available throughout the day, and there is a programme of entertainment planned to add to the fun.

The Living Coast rides are more of a physical challenge, with rides of 30 and 58 miles through the world-class environment on our doorstep, recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Region.

The route of the Classic ride (58 miles) is very similar to last year Brighton Mayor’s ride. It is slightly longer due to starting and finishing in the velodrome at Preston Park, and a few other minor tweaks, and new for 2018 is the 30-mile ride called the Devil’s Dyke Loop,  for those less confident of managing 58 miles. This heads over to Hangleton to take the Dyke Trail up to Devil’s Dyke before going down to Poynings and Fulking and joining the longer (Classic ride) near Woodmancote.

This exciting cycling event will raise much-needed funds for BHT’s First Base Day Centre, so please sign up, tell your friends and family and share the links below, and the attached flyer, on social media.

www.bht.org.uk/about-the-greater-brighton-cycle-challenge – for more information and how to register.

www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/brightonhousingtrust/greaterbrightoncyclechallenge   – link to BHT’s Justgiving page for the event.

BHT-Greater Brighton Cycle Challenge 2018
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