A Gemini Gem Onboard With Brittany

One of the things The Gemini Print Group teams really enjoy is the huge variety of business sectors the company provides printing, managed print and promotional products services.  From major international corporates and institutions to entrepreneurial start-ups.  From the academic sector to zoos!

A success story in the transport sector is Brittany Ferries with its hub in Portsmouth.  The company has been hitting the 2018 news with the exciting announcement of the new direct sailings on The Connemara between Cork and Santander in Northern Spain – the linking of two beautiful destinations.

The Gemini Print Group works with Ian Jeffery, Design & Production Manager.  His Gemini account team Clare Kiff and Maxine Cropper had this note from Ian following a project to print some leaflets for Brittany Ferries.  “Thanks for turning the job round so quickly. Great job and they are on board the ship heading for France tonight.  Great team effort, so thanks to all involved.”

Clare, Maxine and all the team were delighted with this feedback, meaning they are eligible for the first phase of 2018 Gemini Gem awards when the Directors recognise outstanding customer service KPI achievement– the key to the continual drive for improved quality of consultation and client focus throughout The Gemini Print Group.

Brittany Ferries
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Resolution Re-Design Celebration

Resolution is the magazine for the high-end pro audio recording and media production professional recognised for technical expertise and insight, cutting-edge features and reports, and dynamic articles written by experts.

Printed by The Gemini Print Group, Resolution magazine has kicked off 2018 with an exciting re-design giving a clearer and sharper presentation style.  Go to resolutionmag.com to get a copy for just £5.

Sales Director Mark Tulley and Account Executive Catriona Scobie were delighted to be amongst the guests at the celebration party held at The Strongroom Bar and Kitchen.

The Strongroom is a most appropriate venue for Resolution – nestled in Shoreditch amongst recording and music industry creative businesses, adorned with artwork from the iconic artist James Reid, most revered for his work with the Sex Pistols.

Mark surprised Resolution Magazine owner Dave Robinson and Editor Nigel Jopson with ‘hot off the press’ copies of the January/February issue – something they were not expecting as it was not due for several days.

Catriona and Mark were delighted when Dave’s speech at the event highlighted the standard of work by The Gemini Print Group in producing such a high-quality magazine that reflected all the effort that had gone into the re-design so well.

The Resolution Magazine is certainly the one resolution you will find a pleasure to stick to all year!

The Gemini Print Group teams print and produce a large and diverse portfolio of magazine titles. Contact marketing@gemini-print.co.uk to find out how they can help you.

Resolution Magazine
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Gemini Green Growth – Funding Available

Green Growth PlatformThe Gemini Print Group is proud of always working hard to maintain the highest green and eco certification standards.  As a commercial printer who has maintained an environmental policy long ahead of any legislative demands to do so, the team are proud of the care taken at every stage.

Vegetable based printing inks, colour management ISO certification, FSC paper purchasing controls, Woodland Trust forestry replanting, major recycling programmes, power and fuel management – the list goes on.

Working with like-minded green focussed companies throughout East and West Sussex The Gemini Print Group is a member of The University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform.  A team of university specialists, industry experts, business advisors and members work together to reduce any negative environmental impact of every business and to focus on increasing environmentally friendly and low carbon products and services.

If you are based in East Sussex The Green Growth Platform you may even be eligible for grants and funding to help your business transformation. https://www.brighton.ac.uk/business-services/green-growth-platform

To talk to The Gemini Print Group about our FSC Chain of Custody and the other eco-management standards we bring to quality commercial printing, please contact marketing@gemini-print.co.uk or call Suzanne on 01273 464884

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Sent to Coventry!

Even when you know you are working with the nationwide company, it still comes as a shock when Group MD Steve Cropper ‘sends you to Coventry’!

Seriously though, The Gemini Print Group were delighted to be invited to exhibit at the UK leading promotional product exhibition – PPD Live, held in the stunning Ricoh Arena in Coventry – what an amazing venue.

If you managed to get to PPD Live, we hope you have had a good and safe journey home.

Thank you so much to all of you who invested your time in visiting The Gemini Print Group stand.  In addition to chatting about the huge range of printing (lithographic, digital & large format) and finishing options many people told us that the opportunities of Gemini Augmented Reality printing inspired them.

“At last I can do something that enables an effective multimedia approach.”

“Lovey to talk to a printer who provides consultancy and support – and in-house skilled finishing too”.

“Good to see a UK printer still investing and developing.”

“Well done on having all the eco-certification and chain of custody accreditation our clients need to see.”

The Gemini Print Group innovative approach to integrating video, audio and online with the proven power of print and paper added to +40 years quality experience means we are proud to be trusted by so many companies as their  ‘perfect print partner’.

Thank you too to everyone who entered the competition at the stand. Congratulations to the WINNERS including Laura, Angela, Scott, Cheryl, Stu and Tony. Elaine Crees on e.crees@gemini-print.co.uk or 07522 233 325  is looking forward to working with you.

For anyone who either did not make it through the bad weather to PPD Live or did not have time to visit our stand, please do contact Suzanne Heaven on  s.heaven@gemini-print.co.uk or call 07812 162 283.

PPD Live Welcome
PPD show stand
PPD win £250

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Paper Packaging Wins

cardboard boxThe team at The Gemini Print Group complete a lot of printed packaging projects for a huge variety of products.  The variations in shape and size and design are exciting and provide a great opportunity for skilled commercial printers to demonstrate excellence in hand finishing skills too.

In the midst of heated discussions about avoidable plastic waste and a move towards a circular economy, a snap poll, conducted by Two Sides and international research agency Toluna, has revealed a strong preference for paper & cardboard amongst UK consumers.

A survey of 500 adults found paper & cardboard to be the most preferred packaging material for environmental friendliness, recyclability and practicality.

Paper & cardboard packaging is durable, renewable and recyclable and will be an essential material as we move towards a regenerative, circular economy, as outlined in the governments Environmental Plan published January 2018.

Respondents were asked which packaging material they prefer based on a number of different reasons.  Paper & cardboard received the highest score for being better for the environment and easier to recycle, and regarding practicality, easier to open and close, easier to store, lighter weight, more practical and safer to use!

Set us the challenge of creating packaging for your business.   The Gemini Print Group team can show you lots of examples that could inspire some great ideas. For any information, you can contact marketing@gemini-print.co.uk

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New Consultant For New Services

elaine creesWith the recognition by business that the power of paper and print has undergone an exciting level of renaissance The Gemini Print Group has welcomed Elaine Crees to the team to underpin a real consultative approach to business development.

Elaine has joined as Business Services Consultant so all clients can now benefit from her recognised expertise in supporting business to run effectively with efficient print services, promotional campaigns, and managed fulfilment.

Sussex born and bred Elaine commenced her working life in the legal sector before breaking to bring up two sons, Alex and Stuart.  Her career success continued working with clients from every sector, from small independents to major companies such as Nestle, Nokia and Wates Construction.

Elaine is also known for her long experience in the wholesale sector working with major office supplies companies across the south of England who always welcomed her positive, smiling approach – someone who consistently cares about successful results development, superb customer service and supporting clients to achieve the best return on their investments.

Whether running along Shoreham beach, skiing with her partner James, doing long walks by the river with friends or simply enjoying a glass of good wine, Elaine is still always ready to help people with input on how they can grow and develop their business.  Her father and brother are passionate Brighton & Hove Albion supporters, while Elaine gets into fierce debates predicting match results for QPR. She also supports the Suters Yard team in organising the annual Shoreham RiverFest and the Dragon Boat Racing on the River Adur.

If you think your business could benefit from a free review meeting to ensure you are gaining the most effective approach to printing, promotional products or related communication services, please do contact Elaine on e.crees@gemini-print.co.uk or 01273 464884

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New Year Predictions – Interview with Print Week Magazine

Name:             Steve Cropper
Job title:         Group Managing Director & CEO
Company:      The Gemini Print Group

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?
Have the fun come back into the printing industry – at the right price

What trend (business or technology) do you think 2017 will be remembered for?
The smart phone getting even smarter – and the opportunities this gives printers to link digital and print.

What do you think will represent the single biggest opportunity for printers in 2018 and why?
The renaissance of understanding how powerful print and paper is for effective communication – even young people are stating that they love the tactile experience of quality print

What do you think will represent the single biggest threat for printers in 2018 and why?
The Brexit effect for the unknown impact on sales growth and costs

What’s the one thing that the industry should do more of, or do better, in 2018?
Less battle ground and price fighting – more collaborative approach to protect the overall standards and yields.

What was your biggest disappointment in 2017?
Having to work during my honeymoon

What was your highlight of 2017?
Significant business award wins recognising the skills and efforts of all the Gemini colleagues along with the installation of the new ten colour Heidelberg 105XL Speedmaster

What are your hopes for 2018?
To maintain consistent investment in the team, the plant and customer centric skills

What was the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Two ears – one mouth, and use them in those proportions

What was the most important thing that you learnt in 2017?
The advantages of balancing the genders and ages throughout the team

What if anything will you do differently in 2018?
Increasing my focus on listening to what the clients want to achieve, ideas from our suppliers and input from my colleagues

What’s your favourite Christmas cracker joke?
Q: What did Cinderella say when her photos didn’t arrive
A: One day my prints will come!

What was the best Christmas present you ever received?
Not suitable for publishing!!

Are you making any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what?
Remember there is only 24 hours in a day and some of those are for sleeping and relaxing (and playing rugby!)

Full Print Week article can be found here:

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UK’s Fastest Growing

Part of The Gemini Print Group, Gemini West, is based in Bristol.   The Gemini West team are delighted with the forecast which says their City will be one of the fastest growing places in the UK regarding its economic performance.

Rob Page, Managing Director, Gemini West is passionate about the South West with its easy access to Wales and the Midlands, and his team work with a diverse range of businesses throughout the region.  Rob said “Having lived and worked in the Bristol area for over 17 years, Bristol is an exciting and dynamic city with so much to offer and I am not surprised that Bristol is finally getting the recognition it deserves as being one of the UK’s fastest growing cities outpacing London and Birmingham.  Bristol has a huge pool of expertise on its doorstep which attracts fast-growing industries such as information and communication industries, as well as many professional services which in turn attract many financial service sectors to the city.”

The Gemini Print Group has invested substantially in new plant, new equipment and the additional highly skilled and experienced colleagues who have joined the team.  Responding to the resurgence of business recognising how important quality printing is to their successful communications, branding and marketing the teams have been shifting to .a new style of consultative customer-first strategy.

Group Managing Director Steve Cropper commented “I am proud of all that our Bristol based Gemini West operation has achieved throughout 2017 and the team’s plans for 2018 are impressive. They are going from strength to strength providing high quality lithographic, digital and large format printing services.  The additional services within the group of skilled finishing, fulfilment, promotional products and advanced print to the online integration innovations mean Gemini West offers a real range of expertise and service to their clients.”

In common with The Gemini Print Group approach to charity and community partnerships, Gemini West works closely with The Bristol Zoo Gardens, Meningitis Research Foundation & The University of Bristol with a very close relationship with the ALSPAC, also known as Children of the 90’s which charts the health of 14,500 families in the Bristol area.

Bristol Bridge

For any further information about The Gemini Print Group, please contact s.heaven@gemini-print.co.uk or call 07812 162 283.  For information about Gemini West, please contact Rob Page on r.page@gemini-print.co.uk or call 07891 329 537

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Sandra Steers A New Course To Success

Sandra SteerContinuing the theme of attracting the highest calibre print professionals, the Gemini Print Group is delighted to welcome Surrey based Sandra Steer to the team.

Sandra trained at the Elephant and Castle Printing College when she was just 16 years old (she was the only girl in the college at that time) to learn typography and headline setting. Working for the family commercial printing company for more than thirty years Sandra developed her skills and experience across every area of the business from graphic design, production management, sales, to Company Secretary before running the company with her sister for ten years after her father retired.

Long before the concept of ‘the consultative sale’ was understood by printing professionals, Sandra was trusted to have a real feel for what clients wanted to achieve – having the experience to ask the right questions to develop an understanding of what would work best for effective branding, communications and business development.

Feedback from her clients confirms that she always makes the customer experience as effortless as possible – enabling them to relax that the right printing service, to the highest quality, will always be delivered.

Sandra is a Member of the Rotary Club of Guildford District, and for three years was Chairman of the major black-tie boxing charity dinners. When not smiling her way through Salsa dancing and Zumba classes Sandra will be found sailing on the Solent and overseas.  She is also an accomplished NLP Master practitioner with 250 hours learning.

Working with the Gemini Print Group means that Sandra can now offer the best range of printing and promotional product services throughout London and the South East.

She loves the fact that the company has invested in a high level of eco-certification in addition to powerful press plant, and innovative technology that integrates the best of lithographic, digital, and large format printing with creative online and video communications.

You can contact Sandra on s.steer@gemini-print.co.uk or 07778 007 399

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Gemini Santa

All the team at The Gemini Print Group would like to thank their clients, suppliers and community partners for a great 2017.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to working with you for a successful and happy 2018

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