UK’s Fastest Growing

Part of The Gemini Print Group, Gemini West, is based in Bristol.   The Gemini West team are delighted with the forecast which says their City will be one of the fastest growing places in the UK regarding its economic performance.

Rob Page, Managing Director, Gemini West is passionate about the South West with its easy access to Wales and the Midlands, and his team work with a diverse range of businesses throughout the region.  Rob said “Having lived and worked in the Bristol area for over 17 years, Bristol is an exciting and dynamic city with so much to offer and I am not surprised that Bristol is finally getting the recognition it deserves as being one of the UK’s fastest growing cities outpacing London and Birmingham.  Bristol has a huge pool of expertise on its doorstep which attracts fast-growing industries such as information and communication industries, as well as many professional services which in turn attract many financial service sectors to the city.”

The Gemini Print Group has invested substantially in new plant, new equipment and the additional highly skilled and experienced colleagues who have joined the team.  Responding to the resurgence of business recognising how important quality printing is to their successful communications, branding and marketing the teams have been shifting to .a new style of consultative customer-first strategy.

Group Managing Director Steve Cropper commented “I am proud of all that our Bristol based Gemini West operation has achieved throughout 2017 and the team’s plans for 2018 are impressive. They are going from strength to strength providing high quality lithographic, digital and large format printing services.  The additional services within the group of skilled finishing, fulfilment, promotional products and advanced print to the online integration innovations mean Gemini West offers a real range of expertise and service to their clients.”

In common with The Gemini Print Group approach to charity and community partnerships, Gemini West works closely with The Bristol Zoo Gardens, Meningitis Research Foundation & The University of Bristol with a very close relationship with the ALSPAC, also known as Children of the 90’s which charts the health of 14,500 families in the Bristol area.

Bristol Bridge

For any further information about The Gemini Print Group, please contact or call 07812 162 283.  For information about Gemini West, please contact Rob Page on or call 07891 329 537

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Sandra Steers A New Course To Success

Sandra SteerContinuing the theme of attracting the highest calibre print professionals, the Gemini Print Group is delighted to welcome Surrey based Sandra Steer to the team.

Sandra trained at the Elephant and Castle Printing College when she was just 16 years old (she was the only girl in the college at that time) to learn typography and headline setting. Working for the family commercial printing company for more than thirty years Sandra developed her skills and experience across every area of the business from graphic design, production management, sales, to Company Secretary before running the company with her sister for ten years after her father retired.

Long before the concept of ‘the consultative sale’ was understood by printing professionals, Sandra was trusted to have a real feel for what clients wanted to achieve – having the experience to ask the right questions to develop an understanding of what would work best for effective branding, communications and business development.

Feedback from her clients confirms that she always makes the customer experience as effortless as possible – enabling them to relax that the right printing service, to the highest quality, will always be delivered.

Sandra is a Member of the Rotary Club of Guildford District, and for three years was Chairman of the major black-tie boxing charity dinners. When not smiling her way through Salsa dancing and Zumba classes Sandra will be found sailing on the Solent and overseas.  She is also an accomplished NLP Master practitioner with 250 hours learning.

Working with the Gemini Print Group means that Sandra can now offer the best range of printing and promotional product services throughout London and the South East.

She loves the fact that the company has invested in a high level of eco-certification in addition to powerful press plant, and innovative technology that integrates the best of lithographic, digital, and large format printing with creative online and video communications.

You can contact Sandra on or 07778 007 399

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Gemini Santa

All the team at The Gemini Print Group would like to thank their clients, suppliers and community partners for a great 2017.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to working with you for a successful and happy 2018

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Why You?

Generation WhyAdvances in digital print technology and The Gemini Print Group use of personalised printing Augmented Reality means the way that business can interact with customers through personalisation are more innovative than ever.

With the increasing concern about digital security and accuracy, people are choosing the power of print and paper again – enhanced by the new features skilled commercial printing can now add.

Richard Askam who created the success story of the ShareaCoke campaign in 2014 and Unilever’s first ever direct to personalised consumer campaign in the UK using digital print attempts to answer the question why do people want personalisation?

Richard said “I get asked the same question a lot. Wherever I am in the world and whatever event I am speaking at, it gets asked. I try my best to answer with detail and facts to back up my argument but what tends to happen when I get to the end of my explanation of my answer is – I get asked the question again. Why…?

 Why do people want personalisation? Why do people pay more for products with their names on it? Why do brands think it’s a good idea to offer personalisation?

So, let’s start with a fact – personalisation is not new, it’s not a trend, it’s not a crazy fad that will burn out in a couple of years when everyone has had enough of it. The reason I know this to be true is that in one way or another, we have been personalising things since cavemen wrote on the walls and described ( in pictures ) the hunt they had just taken part in.

Through the ages, we have added value to many things with the addition of initials – cuff-links, handkerchiefs, shirts, jewellery etc. Even Henry VIII had his current wife’s initials embroidered into the curtains of her quarters until, rather scarily for the said wife, she noticed them being un-picked in preparation for the arrival of a new wife! So, we like this kind of thing and as I said – it isn’t new. What is new, is the way that we can now deploy personalisation utilising digital printing techniques across a wider range of products and substrates than ever before. And this has unleashed the current wave of personalised product marketing campaigns around the world that we see almost routinely.

 Why do we like them? Because it unleashes the inner ego in all of us that likes to feel recognised, likes to be made to feel like an individual by massive companies and global brands. In those situations, I have watched as grown men & women have got very child-like in their joy at seeing their name on an iconic product such as Coca-Cola or Bud Light or Oreos or Kit-Kats. And that’s before you see the effect it has on our children – remember the excitement at finding a key ring at the seaside with your name on it.

 Why are we prepared to pay more for them? Simply, we value it higher. It is no longer a product; it’s a thoughtful gift with our name on it that happens to be made of a product, preferably an iconic product that becomes a keepsake. 

Why do brands like it? It opens a dialogue directly to their consumers that’s why. A conversation that has never been had before as the relationship between brand and consumer has always been in-direct, usually via major retailers. But we live in an age where the consumer wishes to be treated as an individual and brands are waking up to this via e-commerce.  They now are dealing directly with consumers for the first time and using personalised products like the device which opens this relationship up – PLUS it allows them to collect data on those consumers that help to inform their internal product development and marketing strategy, again a new evolution.

 So, does that cover it for now? Any more questions?? I’m here to answer them all because after all – the next wave of consumers aren’t just millennials, they are Generation Why…!”

Has Richard has inspired you to think about how digital printing and personalised products could boost your results?  The Gemini Print Group team can help you – great skills and ideas!

Ask WHY!


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60 Seconds With…The Argus – December 12th 2017

Steve CropperSTEVE Cropper is Group Managing Director of The Gemini Print Group, a Shoreham-by-Sea based nationwide printing business.  He is well known for his rise ‘from van driver to CEO’ and +30 year commitment to building Gemini – and a favourite with charity function auctioneers!

What is your favourite place in Sussex?

Plumpton Rugby Club – despite the bruises and bumps I love the game and the great friends – all in a lovely location.  If I could choose two places I would add Shoreham – we have it all – beach, river, proper town centre, and access to the South Downs Way – and my favourite bars!

What do you love most about living in Sussex?

Great sea air, stunning views, and people who know how to work hard and play even harder.

What advice do you have for your 12-year-old self?

Dare to be different!  Respect everyone you come in contact with – and never judge a book by its cover

What is your most valued possession?

As I recently married Maxine and have never felt so loved or in love, I think it would have to be my wedding ring

What is your biggest regret?

It can sound corny, but I feel life is too short for regrets.  I love my work, crazy busy as it is – I know I have made mistakes sometimes, but we always win through in the end.

What is your biggest fear?

Spending any time with moaners or negative people – give me people with passion and a zest for life any day!

What is your proudest achievement?

Heading up my colleagues into an MBO and leading The Gemini Print Group to a year of investment, new service standards, new awards plus increased partnerships with charities and community groups

Which five people (living or dead) would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Tony Bloom. Lewis Hamilton.  Jonny Wilkinson CBE.  Johan Alois Senefelder. Arsene Wenger

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The Gemini Print Group ensures ‘The Heart of Effective Communications’ is Thriving in the UK

article featured in Business Edge magazine December/January

The Gemini Print Group colleagues and clients have been celebrating the expansion, the launch of new products and services and our latest multi-million £ investments in the best printing machinery.

There was a significant logistical challenge to organise the arrival of our “58-ton baby”, but we are now up and running with the new market-leading lithographic printing press – the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105-10P

This powerful ten colour press enables us to be ‘fast to print’ providing high-quality lithographic printing services with consistent cost and service efficiencies for clients due to the capacity, speed and performance.  Other investments in 2017 include digital printing capabilities, advanced finishing tools, managed despatch controls and an enhanced van fleet.

Synonymous with Quality Printing

 With more than 40 years of commercial printing experience and operations, 160 colleagues at the award-winning Gemini Print Group provide lithographic, large format, advanced interactive and fully personalised digital printing, printwear and promotional product printing, plus mailing and fulfilment services.

With bases in Shoreham by Sea, Bristol, Newcastle and London our clients are from all kinds of business sectors across the UK and overseas – small start-ups to major corporations. Projects are very varied – from the small business card order to large runs of direct mail, magazines, books, brochures, folders, reports, leaflets, catalogues, stationery, product packing, posters, banners, POS and merchandising…

Gemini is just launching a new service for clients – well priced, extensive ranges of fully personalised products and printwear with a bespoke 24/7 access and prompt turnarounds.

While we innovate and evolve into the ‘new’, we also value how much people recognise our history and credibility. Directors such as Julie Beard and Nick Gwynne are just two of the names of our teams that were ‘born into print’.  Their family firms, now woven into The Gemini Print Group, are some of the best recognised credible names in the industry.

Friendly Professionals Who Care

As an MD & CEO who has worked his way through every department and function during the last 30 years  (recent newspaper headlines  ‘From Van Driver to CEO’!), I know how much our clients value having a skilled account manager who understands their business and CARES about what is important to them.

So – Gemini teams have radically re-structured to evolve from ‘accepting the brief and providing an estimate’ to being professional consultants focussed on understanding needs and advising to get the best results.  There are so many options nowadays, and every day we find ourselves innovating and creating solutions to new challenges – that’s what makes great commercial printing business that is NEVER boring.

Understanding Your Options

 Do you have any people on your team that would benefit from understanding how good printing can help them?  We are ‘passionate about printing’ so can help unravel most mysteries of this mix of creativity and manufacturing. What is Japanese binding?  How big is an A9? Which AR option is most effective? Why litho or digital? What can be personalised?

Fully Interactive Print Links

Paul Crimmen, Development Director, and his colleagues are leading the way for Gemini in providing solutions for directly linking clients printed products with online, video and audio.  Activity has now escalated since Apple and Samsung are now bringing Augmented Reality into ‘mainstream’ usage so consumers will be expecting this capability as ‘standard’ in many markets.

Why should your business consider Gemini Interactive services?

  1. Improved campaign ROI
  2. Pro-active multi-channel marketing
  3. Instant customer engagement
  4. Increased content remarketing opportunities
  5. Competitor differentiator

Feel free to email and challenge him to make your marketing work harder!

Millennials Demand More!

Helping our clients to communicate effectively to the millennial is fascinating – marketing to a generation who grew up with an unmatched level of technology in their lives.  While the millennials online appetite is insatiable there is now an increasingly healthy % that expect and like print within the marketing mix.

A survey by leading research company Toluna found print to the preferred choice in the UK.  A few snapshots: 72% of those surveyed believe reading a printed book is more enjoyable than an electronic device.  88% customers want to retain the right to choose how they receive communications, and 41% of UK consumers would consider changing suppliers if forced to go digital only.  There is a lot more data we can share with you – just ask us by emailing

Green & Pleasant Company

The Gemini Print Group is proud of being known as a leading UK eco accredited and eco-friendly printer – one of the few printers who has invested substantially in becoming a certified green printer with FSC and ISO14001 achievement.  People are recognising that managed European forests are now powerful positives for the environment, paper recycling is at a maximum peak, and printers like Gemini are pro-active in leading the fight to protect from adverse changes to air, water or land.

Steve Cropper
Group Managing Director & CEO
The Gemini Print Group

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Viva la Cover Story 2017

The front covers of Viva Lewes and Viva Brighton magazines are recognised for their unique creative style and have become a popular collector’s item amongst many people throughout the South East.

With sponsorship from Spectrum and The Regency Town House in Brunswick Square in Hove, joint owners Lizzie Lower and Becky Ramsden hosted the Cover Story 2017 exhibition – an incredible showcase of local creative talent with a selection of photographic portraits by Adam Bronkhorst ( and the comic strips of Joe Decie (

Mark Tulley, Sales Director of The Gemini Print Group enjoyed attending the private preview event, and party  Mark said “The Gemini Print Group are delighted to be the print partners for Viva Lewes and Viva Brighton magazines ( It is great to see how the readers love their fresh approach to what’s on and what’s what in Lewes and Brighton”.

A significant proportion of work for The Gemini Print Group is amongst the creative industries around the UK – in the area local to the Shoreham by Sea head office clients include Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe and the Ropetackle Arts Centre.  With printing services ranging from large volume quality lithographic printing to bespoke digital printing, advanced finishing techniques, mailing and fulfilment plus promotional products Gemini is known for being ‘passionate about perfect printing’ with the care and standards that artists demand from their print partners.

Mark Tulley with Becky
Viva Cover Story
Mark Tulley and VIVA Magazine
Joe Decie Comic Strip
Joe Decie Comic Strip
Adam Dronkhurst

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Large Company of the Year 2017 – Again!

Julie BeardAt a glittering awards event for the Business Women’s Excellence Awards 2017, Director Julie Beard was delighted to accept another award for The Gemini Print Group.  With more than 450 nominations and entries, the competition for all the categories was tough.

Shortlisted finalists for Contribution to the Community and Business Woman of the Year was good news to celebrate.  However, the cheers were loudest when the judges recognised the work of 160 colleagues and awarded another win for Large Company of the Year 2017.

Marketing Director Suzanne Heaven commented that she was delighted with the award especially against tough competition such as American Express.

The Gemini Print Group is proud of having an effective balance of female and male professionals across senior roles in the production, account management, client development, consultancy, design studio, accounts, marketing, print finishing and general management sections.

All the team are appreciative of the messages of congratulations – thank you!

BWEA 2017 Winner Square Purple Banner

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Three Times A Winner!

Adur & Worthing Business Awards WinnerWhen you realise you have been competing against more than 600 nominations and entries, it is, even more, good reason to celebrate three business awards wins. Overall Business of the Year, Large Company of the Year and Young Achiever of the Year.

A glittering black-tie awards event was the highlight of the tenth year of the Adur & Worthing Business Awards.

Steve Cropper, Group Managing Director, said he was so very proud of all his colleagues across the business – “These awards are a win for every person in our team – whether they have been in the company for more than 30 years or they are a new trainee just starting their Gemini career!”.

Steve went on to say “Thank you to all the organisers and sponsors and big congratulations to the finalists and winners for all the categories. It was impressive to see the level of skills and innovation in the area local to The Gemini Print Group head office – great business standards to keep us on our toes”!

2017 has been a major year in the development of The Gemini Print Group – unprecedented levels of investment in new technology, restructuring of the leadership team, further eco standards established and new senior skills focused on excelling at quality standards and unrivalled customer service standards.

Overall Business of the Year – Sponsored by Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd
This award is the ultimate accolade for all the entrants, and the winner was selected from each of the category winners. The judges looked for the company who has shown the most enterprise, passion and drive in taking their business forward. Dedication and innovation were key to winning this most prestigious award.

Judges said:

“The Gemini Print Group operates in possibly one of the most competitive manufacturing sectors in the world. Yet, it has always remained top of the printing game – offered value for money printed products and services backed by exceptional customer service. Its ability to invest in the latest technology and the business’s exceptional knack for spotting fantastic opportunities has led to The Gemini Print Groups significant expansion and their ongoing success.

Large Business (50+ employees) – Sponsored by Worthing Pier, Southern Pavilion
The judges looked for a business that demonstrates outstanding organisation, exceptional financial returns, strong growth and innovation strategies plus market prowess in its sector. Although based in Adur and Worthing, entrants in this category may have a local, regional, national or international market.

The Judges citation at the awards:

“The future looks incredibly bright for The Gemini Print Group. A secure and solid print expert with an incredibly creative and strategic business team at the helm.

Through a period of significant growth and development, additional print firms came under The Gemini Print Group umbrella, now one of the larges print providers in the South of England with four divisions spanning the whole country.”

Young Achiever – Sponsored by Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing
Aimed at recognising the outstanding talents of individuals aged 18 to 25 this award looks to highlight young people who have made a real impact in their field of business as either an entrepreneur or within a company. Judges selected Ben Griggs from The Gemini Print Group candidates with enthusiasm, commitment, and the ability to demonstrate results.

The judges summary stated:

“Ben has played a key role in the ever increasing success of his team at The Gemini Print Group with its HQ In Shoreham by Sea. Printing is a tough, fast-paced, competitive manufacturing business that also demands creativity and excellent communications skills which ben has demonstrated over the last four years enabling him to become an outstanding achiever”.

The entry for Ben focused on his progression and changes in roles within the company. His skills changes were initially as a result of an injury, which demanded months of recovery, but more lately have been fueled by excellent customer feedback and his determined ambition to succeed. All his colleagues were delighted to congratulate Ben (who is still recovering from the intensity of the celebrations at the awards ceremony!)

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Catriona is a Brilliant Gemini Gem!

Catriona ScobieAlways looking to celebrate the great standards of customer service he expects from all his colleagues Steve Cropper, Group Managing Director, The Gemini Print Group, is delighted to see that once again Account Executive Catriona (Cat!) Scobie has had the sort of client feedback that we all love to see.

We regularly look across the business to spot the GEM winners, and all of Cat’s colleagues were delighted to see her maintain her consistent success.

A big thank you to Emma Osman, Editor, Spinfish Publishing Limited who took the time to send Gemini Print Group this note which is an example of the sort of feedback Cat’s work regularly achieves.

“An enormous thank you to you all. The packaging, media packs, business cards and stationery have just been delivered, on time, looking absolutely amazing! We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when we saw the packaging boxes; they’re exactly what we need to make our books look professional and give our customers an idea of the quality of service and attention to detail we provide. They exceed all our expectations. Please pass on our thanks to everyone who worked so hard to meet our demanding deadlines.

It’s a pleasure to work with a company who show such enthusiasm and positivity for our brand. We are really impressed with the service at Gemini Print, thank you all for working so hard to get it right.”

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