We have attained the ISO 12647-2 colour management standard for offset litho, this is very soon after we installed two new five-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster XL presses.

The Heidelberg ISO 12647-2 certification involves a comprehensive programme of equipment optimisation and testing. Steve Cropper, our Group Managing Director comments:

The colour management programme and testing took about three days and we did have to lose about eight hours a day in production on each day. However, we regard that as an investment because we will reap the benefits in reduced waste and even better colour quality and consistency moving forward.

The ISO 12647-2 certification is a sales tool but also enhances production disciplines. With Inpress Control, sheets are automatically checked and inking altered, eliminating the need for operator intervention and ensuring consistent and provable results.

Companies that attain Heidelberg’s ISO 12647-2 certification become members of the press manufacturer’s ‘Colour Club’ and are listed on the Heidelberg UK website so that print buyers can check the authenticity of their colour credentials.

There is a real advantage in undertaking this certification process with the press supplier. We have benefitted from sound, practical advice.

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