cardboard boxThe team at The Gemini Print Group complete a lot of printed packaging projects for a huge variety of products.  The variations in shape and size and design are exciting and provide a great opportunity for skilled commercial printers to demonstrate excellence in hand finishing skills too.

In the midst of heated discussions about avoidable plastic waste and a move towards a circular economy, a snap poll, conducted by Two Sides and international research agency Toluna, has revealed a strong preference for paper & cardboard amongst UK consumers.

A survey of 500 adults found paper & cardboard to be the most preferred packaging material for environmental friendliness, recyclability and practicality.

Paper & cardboard packaging is durable, renewable and recyclable and will be an essential material as we move towards a regenerative, circular economy, as outlined in the governments Environmental Plan published January 2018.

Respondents were asked which packaging material they prefer based on a number of different reasons.  Paper & cardboard received the highest score for being better for the environment and easier to recycle, and regarding practicality, easier to open and close, easier to store, lighter weight, more practical and safer to use!

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