Quality brochures


A printed brochure represents you, and your business – your pride and joy, successes and ambitions!

Presenting something physical to a new prospect or existing client gains all the unique emotional responses that the power of print can achieve.  A good brochure will inform and motivate engagement – the 3R’s of skilled marketing and business development:-

Good brochures are kept, referred to and shared with other people – so much more powerful than this screen that you will bypass in seconds!

An important step is the quality of brochure design. But, you don’t have to worry as Gemini Print creative specialists are ready to help you.

Whether you choose a simple low cost stitched print or a luxury case bound and foiled bespoke shape brochure – the look and print finish are key to your success.

All of these questions are something Gemini Print can check for you.

Experienced, friendly and approachable. The team will help you consider the objectives of the brochure, your response and ROI goals, your target market, how you need to stand-out effectively against any competition, the best paper stock, the right method of printing, innovative print finishing, and trusted cost-effective distribution and mailing options.  Also – if you need to save time and space ask about Gemini Print storage and fulfilment with pick, pack & despatch options – effective JIT supply.



Would your prospects and clients welcome the ‘personal touch’? The simple addition of a name to a brochure cover can make your contact feel special, recognising that you consider them as an individual.

Using clever variable data options ensures your brochure is fully personalised with text and images that are relevant and meaningful to the reader.

Example:  A specialist travel agent with a ‘hot target’ database who knows that different genders and age groups have specific interests and prefer different kinds of locations. Families with young children, families with older children, singles, silver travellers, sport and fitness interests etc.  Using 19 groups of images and text sets, in addition to the individual names, every brochure could focus on providing relevant content of most interest.

The project –  design, variable data setting, quality printing, finishing and direct mailing services.

The results – response and booking conversions significantly improved, plus excellent referrals gaining new customer interest.

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The power of print in a multi-media mix

Successful businesses have learnt that relying on online-only presence is a weakness – the great power you have nowadays is to integrate your print and online, and Gemini Print can help you achieve this with great impact.  (You can read The Response Revolution news story that provides insight into what some of the worlds key brands are doing.)

Setting a strategy for print to fit seamlessly with your multi-media mix will be very powerful – a united approach to increasing the business critical 3R’s.

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