First impressions count!

Gemini Print Business Cards

Your Gemini Print team will work with you to identify what message about you and your brand your business card should present.

From design services to expert printing and finishing, from Web2Print services to bespoke fulfilment Gemini Print helps from the one-person business start-up to the multi-location corporate or organisation.

There are so many options to help your business card be memorable and effective, including:-

  • Shapes – what is appropriate to your brand or target market?  What will enhance originality while still being practical and durable? Gemini Print services include the creation of dies for specialist cutting.

  • Paper/board – is it important to demonstrate high eco-standards?  Do you want people to be able to make their own notes on your card?

  • Other Substrates – business cards can be magnetic, on wood, on glass – let your imagination run wild!

  • Weight/thickness – a substantial card is important.  Clever use of layering/duplexing can produce a card that gives an immediate sense of credibility.

  • Typography and design – your business card needs to represent your brand while being clear and easy to respond to – the size and clarity of the type are very important – you can ask for design support from Gemini Print.

  • Special print finishingembossing, debossing, coatings, spot-lamination, foiling, dimensional – gain the ‘emotional’ impact of the tactile and visual benefits of print.

  • Augmented reality – provide your contacts with immediate integration with your online presence – always a great talking point when you are networking!

As with all Gemini Print ‘services and solutions’ the key to the right value and results is that you can gain the advice and help of a team who look forward to helping you achieve the best.  Call 01273 086 206.