Together, We CAN Make A Difference

Despite achieving standards of excellence for environmental controls, Gemini Print is still working hard, and partnering with clients, to enhance many practices and ‘do our bit’ consistently improving every aspect of environmental management.

For many years everyone in publishing and printing has been contributing to the appalling ‘plastic problem’, by the use of millions of feet of the plastic poly wrap used to protect the printed matter sent around the world.  It can take from 20-1000 years for plastic to break up – but sadly it will never break down completely.  Programmes such as BBC Blue Planet have highlighted how plastic just transforms into a different type of toxic waste entering the food chain for all creatures.

We are now sourcing biodegradable, compostable polybags which do the same effective protection and wrapping job as the present plastic variety, but without the harmful consequences.   The Gemini Print team would like to introduce you to our range of Polycomp™ materials as we hope that you will wish to join in ‘saying NO to plastic’.

Plastic WasteNone of us can fail to be moved by the terrible sight of plastic polluting beaches from the populated shores of our planet to uninhabited islands. One hundred thousand marine mammals and turtles and a million seabirds are killed by marine plastic pollution annually.  We have all learnt that plastic is found in most sea creatures today and is even embedded deep in the Arctic ice. By 2030 this appalling tonnage is set to double.  The effect on our planet will be incalculable.

How Does Polycomp™ Work?

Starch based Polycomp™ compostable polythene is designed to break down naturally after use so there’s no need for it to be recycled.

Fully compostable within ten days in the right environment, yet strong and effective during use, our Polycomp™ compostable packaging is fully EN13432 certified and provides an excellent green solution to your publishing and marketing needs.

Gemini Print printing inks are exclusively vegetable based (Vegan certified!), and all clients can gain a range of paper options, including, e.g. recycled and FSC Approved (sourced from sustainable forests.) Gemini Print is both FSC & ISO14001 environmentally accredited with all waste responsibly recycled, and, independently verified as ‘Excellent’ for ethical printing methods.

Other recent developments at Gemini Print have included all lighting changing to approved ‘green standard’ LEDs, investment in a new delivery fleet for lower emissions, EPOD controls for greater eco-efficiencies plus an extensive range of fully sustainable promotional products and branded merchandise.  One example of eco-friendly innovation is a sports water bottle made from the waste from British sugar production waste materials!

Carbon Trust

It is always valuable discussing with clients and partners about new eco ideas they are developing, so we keep up to date with all opportunities as we all consistently strive to improve.

Together we CAN make the difference.

For more information please contact 

Mark Tulley, Gemini Print Group Director, will be pleased to discuss all the latest eco-friendly options that are available to you.