Quality digital printing: versatile, geat value, speedy response!

With so many excellent ways of producing quality print solutions (including lithographic printing and large format, or supersize), a method that has developed successfully for clients during the last 25 years at Gemini Print is digital printing.

The big difference between lithographic printing and digital printing is that computer-generated direct digital files are used instead of printing plates, reducing the pre-press manufacturing processes and time.

When you need a project created and delivered quickly, Gemini Print digital team have an impressive track record.

In addition to gaining the support of an account team who will guide you through every step of the print process through to successful completion, you can access a bespoke Gemini Print Web2Print solution that will revolutionise  your time-saving efficiencies, brand/design management controls, and straightforward purchasing/finance processes for all your print, promotions and communication needs.

Digital print expertise: unique features for your printing

Developments in digital printing technology alongside investments in industry leading equipment and manufacturing at Gemini Print means clients frequently use our digital team’s expertise for the following special features and services.  (Ask the team to show you a Gemini Print Look Book at your next meeting).

Gemini Print Look Book

Dimensional Printing

Studying all the research about why peoples love of good printed communication has significantly increased again, there is ‘the T word’ that a significant % of responders refer to – “TACTILE”.  The accessibility of this digital screen you are reading at the moment can never compete with the multi-sensory pleasure of touch that quality paper and print can provide.  The opportunity to add texture to an image to ‘bring things to life’ is an exciting option for all creatives – and has a profound impact on retention and response.

Fifth Unit

Unlike the overt or clandestine nature of a fifth column a fifth unit can produce very positive striking gains in the impact and beauty of colour printing. Four colour RGB gives enhancement and vibrancy to some colours that simply do not reproduce well from CYMK alone. Ask the Gemini Print team to show you how the use of fifth colour red, green or blue toner will enhance your project.

Long Sheet Option

Some digital presses can only cope with limited paper sheet sizes. The Gemini Print long sheet option enables automatic duplexing of, e.g. 6pp A4 portrait, 4pp A4 landscape, 8pp A5 portrait and 6pp A5 landscape. This function provides you with cost-effective options for printing, folders for education, training, conference, marketing or business development literature.

Four Colour + Nexglosser

When you want to achieve a real ‘postcard’ shine with the ultimate bio-degradable hi-gloss finish. The Gemini Print team can let you see samples of superb work that would make your products and services really shine!

Variable Data Printing, Personalisation & Printed Personalised Marketing

Now, let’s get personal! If response results are important to you, it is essential to make effective use of a feature that digital printing laps up! For fundraising, product launches, loyalty programmes, marketing communications, invitations, sales programmes, conference literature, certificates. Printed personalisation does not just generate sales – it builds recommendations and loyalty and can develop that essential emotion of making someone feel special – a positive contrast to the bombardment of electronic mass approaches.

How to get very personal!

Gemini Print can help you personalise a lot more than somebodies name.  Let’s pretend you run a travel business.  Your customer’s choices vary between, e.g. skiing, cruises, short breaks in Europe, family holidays etc.  You know that your customers and prospects can be segmented into four different age brackets, and you have a clear idea of the genders of your decision makers. 

Every image and all the text can be defined to match what your customers are interested in, with relevant content on every page – an immediate sense of ‘relationship’, highlighting that you think of them as individuals, and you care about what they need and want.

Digital Foiling

If you’re looking to add a special stylish accent to your digital printing, the Gemini Print latest digital foiling technology and expertise can make results shine!.  Foiling is no longer only an option for big budgets, long runs or extended lead times.  Digital foiling means you are not limited by set up and hot foil block creation to having a single design approach. You can gain the impact of fully personalised digital  – even, e.g. business cards, Christmas cards, and invitations with multiple variations can be produced speedily for you.  The Gemini Print team understand how to use digital foiling to enhance your printing get in touch today.

Tips for Designers for Best Digital Foiling Results:

  • Be careful with the level of creative design intricacy.

  • If other text or image printing is alongside the areas for foiling Gemini Print will apply a soft touch laminate before the foil

  • Keep the metallic foil to one side only – unless the design is all foil

  • Digital foiling is most effective on a silk/smooth paper or board

  • Ideally, +200gsm paper will  achieve the best results

Digital Foil Colours:

Digital Foil Swatch Colours

The Gemini Print team includes marketing specialists and consultants who can help and advise on how to increase results and ROI.  The team look forward to working with you.

Gemini Print digital services: popular products and projects

You may notice that many products will also appear as litho printed products (or even large format!).  The choice of printing method will depend on your requirement and brief.  Your Gemini Print team will discuss the following to identify the best way to gain the product you need:

  • How many copies are required?

  • What is the purpose of the printing (e.g. is overprinting using an office printer involved)?

  • The type of paper from the thousands of options available? You can choose e.g. silks and uncoated, while distinctively textured paper is best suited to lithographic printing

  • The weight of the paper? Standard digital printing weights are 80gsm (uncoated) or 115 gsm (coated) up to 350/400 gsm, however, clever use of ‘multi loft’ means you can gain e.g. 1020 gsm – these can include creative use of colours within the layers.

  • The overall size and/or pagination of the product?

  • What finishing and binding is best?

  • What is the timing for your project?

What can you have printed on a digital press? Some product ideas:

  • Annual Reports

  • Belly Bands – If the flat size is over 630mm, or you require high quantity, litho print is a better option.

  • Binders – If more than e.g. 500 binders are required, litho print will typically be recommended for unit cost effectiveness.

  • Blister Packs

  • Booklets

  • Bookmarks – The typical size of bookmarks tend to be around 215mm x 55mm, so digital printing is often the best method best option depending on volume, paper and finish.

  • Books – Digitally printed business books, fiction, non-fiction coffee table, art books, children’s books, recipe books, photobooks. See Finishing & Binding for the many choices available to choose. Your briefing specification and budgets will enable Gemini Print to advise you about the best printing option.

  • Boxes – Digital printing is perfect for small boxes up to a max print area of 340mm x 630mm making it a popular choice for product launches and samples, card games, gift boxes and a wide range of packaging requirements.

  • Brochures – When promoting any product or service, the right brochure can be business-critical to achieve the right results. What are your brand values? Who are your target clients? Gemini Print has the experience to help create the best approach. Digital printing is particularly effective when you are, e.g. launching something new and need a shorter run to test the impact. For larger brochure runs (pagination or volume) it will typically be more efficient to make good use of the unique range of lithographic press options Gemini Print offers.

  • Business Cards, Letter Heads, Compliment Slips & Office Stationery – To ensure compatibility with office or home office laser printing, it is important to specify certain papers if digital printing is the best option. Gemini Print will tend to use the ‘Indigo’ press to ensure the best result.

  • Calendars – desk calendars, hanging calendars, deluxe calendars, easel calendars, magnetic calendars, advent calendars, personalised calendars, day at a glance calendars, CD calendars, mini calendars, slim calendars, wiro-bind calendars, tear off, bookbound, stiched, case bound – lots of options to choose from. Talk to the team who will ease you through the selection.

  • Cards – Greeting Cards, Postcards, Gift Cards, Christmas Cards, Appointment Cards, Change of Address Cards, Art Cards – the range is limitless.  Plain to luxury.  Talk to the team about all the options including special shapes and finishes that will make your cards truly memorable.

  • Catalogues

  • CD Cards/Inserts/packaging

  • Certificates – Fully named, variable data options.  Skilled finishing can create certificates that people will treasure and display for many years.

  • Community Publications

  • Compliment Slips – Can be personalised using variable data files enabling a superior quality of communication with your clients.

  • Conference Guides & Materials

  • Desk jotter pads

  • Direct Mail

  • Directories

  • Dissertations, Thesis & Essays – A range of binding options to meet university, college and institute specifications and standards.

  • Door hangers

  • Exhibition materials

  • Flyers – Digital is very competitive for smaller volume requirements – especially when they are needed at ‘supersonic’ speed turnarounds.  To make your promotion special, clever use of variable data can target your prospects effectively with unique content.

  • Folders – Gemini Print are unusual in offering a ‘long sheet’ digital printing option to provide excellent choices in size, shape and depth.

  • Guides – Travel guides, town guides, product guides, training guides, policy guides.

  • Handbooks

  • Header Cards

  • Infographics

  • Invitations – Gemini Print can provide skilled print finishing to create distinctive, unique invitation cards or letters.

  • Journals

  • Keyring inserts
  • Labels
  • Lanyard cards or insert printing – Gemini Print can personalise these from a supplied CSV file (GDPR compliant secure data transfer standards)

  • Leaflets – You can choose many variations of leaflets! What response do you need? Who are your target customers? How do you want to distribute the leaflets? Should any be personalised? Do you want variable data response codes? Gemini Print can help you with it all!

  • Legal Corners
  • Letterheads – Larger run letterheads projects tend to make use of the lithographic printing services however the Gemini Print HP Indigo 7800 (specifying that you require laser printer compatibility) is a popular choice for producing high quality, smaller, orders.

  • Look Books
  • Magazines – Gemini Print has a unique level of expertise to help clients successfully publish every variation and size of magazine: Business to business. Community, Contract publishing. Consumer. Niche or hobby magazines. Multi-lingual and international. Personalised covers/content magazines. From the simple self-cover low-cost approach to super-size luxury finish magazines.
    A5 (210mm x 148mm) , B5 (176mm x250), compact, A4 landscape (210mm x 297) or A4 portrait (297mm x 210mm) super/oversized A4, square (210 x 210 or 148mm x 148mm) ,or bespoke size options. Talk to the team for advice. The ‘Gemini Print Total Service’ includes publishing consultancy, design & artwork, variable data personalisation, digital or lithographic printing options, print finishing, Pick/Pack/Despatch options, national and international circulation or subscription management, plus full postal and courier mailing services.

  • Manuals – Training, instructions, safety, H&S, policy.

  • Marketing collateral – Ask for a Gemini Print consultant who can help your business gain the marketing impact and business development growth you want to achieve. FREE audit and advice: digital printing, lithographic print, large format printing, promotional products, branded merchandise, event support, direct marketing, mailings & distribution, online integration – total service support, so you are free to focus on success.

  • Menus – From simple fast food giveaway menus to bespoke high end menu creations.

  • Newsletters

  • Notebooks, Notepads, Desk pads & Pads – A very popular approach for keeping your message or brand in use every day! Hundreds of options to match what you need to achieve. Sticky pads, wiro-bind pads, hardcover notebooks, softcover pads, foiled or embossed notebooks, conference or training notepads, receipt books, pocket notebooks Cover branded or branding on every page, multi-version notepads, personalised note pads or notebooks, Tip-in page/s notebooks. Eco-friendly/recycled notebooks and notepads.Double or single-sided. Ruled, plain, graph, forms or images. Portrait or landscape. Bespoke shapes & sizes. Recommended sheets – from 10 (typical thickness 1.8 mm) to 100 (typical thickness 12.5mm). Gemini Print offers many binding options, and you can select top/bottom/left or right edge. Pen loops, bookmarks, belly bands, elastic closing bands Backing boards on notepads can be plain or fully printed, and you can select drilling holes if your users will be using files and binders. Gemini Print can also help you with all the promotional merchandise to match your books and pads – and provide packing and fulfilment services.

  • Notepads

  • One-piece mailers

  • Packaging – Also see Boxes

  • Paper Blocks

  • Place Mats, Place Cards

  • Place Settings

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Posters – Up to A3.  Large format or lithographic printing would be recommended for larger sizes, plus a great range of substrates and materials to make your poster e.g. weather proof or suitable for light boxes.

  • Presentation Books

  • Price Lists

  • Programmes

  • Prospectus – For the Education sector, Gemini Print has significant experience to help create the documents and books that describe a school, college, or university. From ideas creation, design and artwork through to expert printing and finishing standards, the team will ensure potential students and families are informed and inspired. In the Finance business sector, a prospectus typically refers to formal documents for, e.g. London Stock Exchange/Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide details about an investment offering for sale to the public – stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With secure back up multi-site printing services, Gemini Print can ensure timings, and quality standards to meet the Prospectus Regulation Rules sourcebook.
    Digital printed, or lithographically printed options according to the sizes, print runs and creative approaches that will have the best results.

  • Questionnaires

  • Reports

  • Research papers

  • Showcards

  • Stationery – A mass noun that includes pens, highlighters and desk equipment (see Gemini Print promotional merchandise for choices of products with your logo or branding), in-office printing (MDS) and all the printed paper products you require to run your business efficiently. Letterheads, forms, invoices, receipts, order documents, business cards, compliment slips, files, folders, wallets, signs etc. The team will help you with a cost-effective approach, including the clever use of Gemini Print Web2Print or the Pick/Pack/Despatch services to respond to your procurement and storage challenges.

  • Stickers

  • Sticky Notes

  • Table Toppers/Cards

  • Tags – luggage, retail & hospitality

  • Tender document printing – including personalisation and full creative support to ensure impact, engagement and recall.

  • Tickets – raffle, show and event – including variable data/unique numbers & codes.

  • Timetables

  • Vouchers – Including variable data/unique numbers & codes.

  • Wall planners – Up to A3.  Larger sizes would be litho printed or large format printing.

  • Wallets – A popular choice for, e.g. tickets, event passes, membership packs, voucher presentation, incentive rewards, gifts, product instructions, receipts etc.  As with printed folders, the choice of creative options, sizes, shapes and print finishing gives you plenty of opportunities to promote your brand effectively.

  • Wedding stationery – Invitations, save the date, name place cards, gift lists, order of service, thank you cards etc. The ‘Gemini Print Total Service’ lets you focus on the special day relaxed in the knowledge the team will help you with everything from design ideas, choosing the right paper (including eco-friendly options) through to mailing to your friends and family. For your ‘big day’ celebrations, the specialist large format printing and promotional merchandise teams can provide, e.g. table plans, branded furniture, selfie boards, branded booths, personalised gifts and favours etc..

  • Wristbands

  • Yearbooks

  • Z-Cards

Which digital presses do Gemini Print offer clients?

A client summarised things beautifully when they said “Gemini Print provides us with quality litho, digital, large format and promo work. We are delighted that we now have the new choices for digital printing press options – including more substrates, cost-effective mono work for our forms and notepads, digital colour excellence, variable data skills, and some superb creative finishing options.”

Kodak SX Press

Kodak NexPress SX Digital Press

Kodak Digimaster Press

Kodak Digimaster 9100 Digital Press

HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press

HP Indigo Digital Press

In the creative and marketing world there are long running debates about the strengths of HP Indigo v Kodak NexPress. (It can be like two passionate motorheads discussing BMW v Mercedes!)

BMW vs Mercedes

The Top 3 Differences

Gemini Print: HP Indigo features

  • High volume SRA3 cut sheet digital printer

  • Print area 320mm x 463 mm

  • HP ElectroInk liquid toner

  • A reputation for excellent block or solid colours without ‘scratching’

  • Good registration

  • Choice of papers & substrate options- up to 400 gsm

  • An end result without the ‘shine’ of dry toner digital printing – many people say the quality is far more like the finish and standards of lithographic printing. This difference means that some designers who are selecting uncoated papers like to specify HP Indigo printing

  • Effective for metallic papers

  • Effective for laser print compatible paper for e.g. letterheads and forms

  • 97% of all Pantone colours achieved

  • Spectrophotometer quality standards controls and colour conformance

Gemini Print: Kodak NexPress SX features

  • Cost effective capacity delivery

  • High-value colour critical applications

  • Fully integrated with Prinergy for quality front end file handling

  • Impressive variable data controls for personalisation

  • Print area – 340mm x 640mm

  • Fifth colour unit

  • Up to 350gsm coated and coated and uncoated paper stocks – +600 recommended options

  • Consistent market-leading image quality

  • Cost effective – high capacity delivery

  • Long sheet – 6pp A4 Portrait, 4pp A4 Landscape, 8pp A5 Portrait, 6pp A5 Landscape

The history of digital printing

Digital printing is the youthful technology in the commercial printing press world. The first known printing press dates back to 1439 when Johannes Gutenberg started printing books in Germany.  It was not until the 1990s that the first signs of digital printing emerged.

As digital printing relies on advanced computing calculations to instruct the printing press straight from the computer, control the deposition of toner and exposure and create the printed images it took until 1993 that Benny Landa, with his team from Indigo Digital Printing, launched the E-Print 1000 –  digital colour press, earning him the print industry accolade of ‘the father of digital printing’.

Benny Landa was born in Poland (1946) but emigrated at the age of two to Canada.  His father was instrumental in Benny’s future success when he devised a new sort of camera that captured images directly onto photographic paper avoiding the need for film.

Gaining dual Canadian/Israeli nationality Benny studied physics, engineering and psychology at the Technion and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After graduating from the London Film School, he progressed to develop a successful career in micrographics.

Definition of: micrographicsMicrographics. The production, handling and use of microfilm and microfiche. Images are created by cameras or by COM units that accept computer output directly. The documents are magnified for human viewing by readers, some of which can automatically locate a page using indexing techniques 

Using a combination of his father’s filmless invention and his own skills in micrographics resulted in a printing process that removed the need for printing plate set up process.  Also, it was the ‘straight from computer’ technology that forged the way for effective personalisation using direct CSV file variable data.

In 2002 Indigo Digital Printing was sold by Benny Landa to Hewlett Packard (HP) for US$830 million

Kodak Eastman has a long heritage in printing and publishing from when the company sold printing industry consumables and photo-materials back in 1912.

History Of Digital PrintThe colour sections of Time-Life magazines became popular in the mid-1930’s after R&D work by Kodak Eastman created the world’s first electronic colour separation scanner to prepare images for printing.

After many other advances improving the artwork creation and commercial printing pre-press, Kodak partnered with Heidelberg Druckmaschinen in 1998 to form NexPress Solutions LLC launching fast variable data colour digital printing presses.