Scalable fulfilment & logistics expertise

“..we can trust  Gemini Print to do the logistics and hard work, so we get on with focusing on clients, and win new business.”

RH, August 2019

Reasons to use professional Pick, Pack & Despatch fulfilment & logistic services:-

  • You know your business, and want to focus on your success and profit

  • Your office or production space is precious and expensive

  • You need to be free to concentrate on your business trusting that your communications, marketing and sales development collateral are doing the right job at the right time

  • Different parts of your operation/customer base will need their print and promotional products in varying amounts, at different times and to multiple locations

  • You have peaks points in your trading year when reliable despatch is time-critical

  • You want to gain cost-effective value larger scale purchasing BUT do not want to be tripping over 100’s of boxes

  • Your business can gain from better buying decisions – reduce costs and increase margins

  • You need an approach to invoicing that meets your bespoke accounting and finance standards

White Delivery Van

Gemini Print provides:-

  • Robust, (friendly!) award-winning client services

  • The creation of bespoke, easy to manage, control portals for ease and transparency

  • Experienced team of e-commerce fulfilment experts

  • Leading-edge technology Management Information Systems

  • Advanced supply chain applications and Order Management Controls

  • +30 years warehousing and secure on-site storage experience

  • Cross-docking logistics to minimise storage time and increase operational efficiency

  • Effective packing to ensure your products arrive in pristine condition

  • An in-house fleet of modern vans and fully employed drivers

  • Credited KPI achieving despatch and delivery standards – full transparency

  • Nationwide coverage – plus international shipping and airmail experience

  • Consistent investment in new plant, equipment and skills

System Automation

The Gemini Print TOP 20 ‘Total Service’ options

“a simple goal for all supply chain, logistics and fulfilment projects is ‘happy customers”.

SC, June 2019