Six key reasons to integrate your Print & Online

Business people now understand that ditching printed communication and marketing has a serious negative effect on success.  Reliance on digital and online-only means you lose out on the trust, responsiveness and credibility of quality print and paper.

The 5 unique STEPS to the benefits of quality printing:-

  • Shared with other people – informative and inspiring

  • Tactile, enjoyable and engaging

  • Empowering people to make choices to respond

  • Portable – with no battery demand!

  • Stands out v online noise’, excess screen time, fake news, spam, and scams.


Gemini Print do NOT ignore online

You are encouraged to embrace a multi/omnichannel marketing and communications approach.

As a client said recently;

“….it’s a no brainer! Why I was not linking things before I don’t know!  Maybe it was because I assumed it was going to cost a lot or be complicated. Actually my Gemini Print account manager made it so easy – and the price was a pleasant surprise!”

Gemini Print can help you with innovative and cost-effective ways to integrate your online and print activity regardless of the printing type (lithographic or digital printing) or product you need  – including marketing collateral, direct mail, packaging, large format, signage, clothing, POS, and promotional products.

With every project it is worth discussing multimedia and interactive print ideas and options to assess how your customers or prospects could increase their engagement and response.

A multi-channel approach also enhances your visibility of response tracking and conversion metrics.

You can encourage your customers to, e.g.:

  • Store your contact information

  • Follow you on social media

  • Gain a specific discount

  • Go to your website

  • Download your app

  • Read up to the minute information about you

  • Purchase products

  • Make use of instructions and training

  • Re-order

  • Request a meeting

  • Sign up to newsletters

  • Provide feedback

  • Watch your video

  • Book your event

  • View your image gallery

  • Listen to colleagues present a personalised message


Augmented Reality

‘if you are explaining it to someone maybe just say “it’s magic on your phone’

A popular, cost-effective option for inviting your customers to engage with you is the Gemini Print AR (augmented reality.) service.

The totally immersive experience of VR (virtual reality) where you tend to see people wearing ‘strange devices’ (smart glasses and head-mounted displays) to experience a virtual world ……. or MR (mixed reality) is actively used by e.g. the games industry but is still seen by most people as a “sci-fi”!

In contrast, AR is now quick to set up, easy for your customers to access from their mobile phones or tablet devices and can motivate the sort of responses and engagement choice that is important to people.

Gemini Print team can help you with AR ideas that are low set up cost, easy to use and enable you to keep all the information ‘up to the minute’ without any expense or hassle.

A very simple example of Augmented Reality is on the Gemini Print business cards – ask to see an example or follow the simple steps below.

Step 1

Zappar Instructions Gemini Print

Step 2

Step 3

A discussion about the results you need and your response and conversion objectives will mean Gemini Print can advise whether a ‘basic off the shelf’ Augmented Reality app such as Zappar is the best effective approach:

Gemini Print can set up a series of widgets for an easy, fast end-user experience including:

Alternatively there is a myriad of exciting and innovative options with Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality that can be programmed to your exact requirements with a bespoke solution (removing the need for the App download step.   Set Gemini Print the challenge!


Online Publishing

Online Publishing, Page Turning – “Making your print maximise every response opportunity”

The power of print and paper combined with the choice of online access drives multi-channel business development and consistency of message – and increases the cost-effective ROI on everything you design and create.

With many people combining their readership of traditional paper-based books, magazines etc. with the use of e-readers, they understand the look and feel of page-turning publications– and like to have the option of how, where and when they enjoy your message.   Developments in technology, the screen quality of devices and the experience within Gemini Print has significantly enhanced digital/online publishing options to be an effective part of your ‘communications and marketing mix’.

There are lots of different names for the processes Gemini Print can use to encourage your clients to engage and interact with your content.

What Are The Different Names?

  • Online Publishing

  • Interactive HTML

  • Flipbooks

  • Flip Pages

  • Page Turning

  • Page Transitions

  • Animated Documents

  • Digital Publishing

  • PDF Flip Effect

  • PDF to online ‘book’

What Printed Products Should You Publish Online?

  • Annual Reports

  • Brochures

  • Catalogues

  • Guides

  • Instructions

  • Magazines

  • Menus

  • Presentations

  • Prospectus

  • Reports

  • Sales Literature

  • Training Manuals

  • User Guides

Enhance Your ‘Flipbook’ with Gemini Print

Gemini Print can help you maximise the impact of your content designed for print and upgrade it –  an easy step to a multi-media option.  Digital publishing, integrated into your website and social media, will increase traffic, reach and readership – immediate worldwide accessibility.

Simple Example


QR Codes

For some clients, a QR (Quick Response) code will be a very useful approach.  The matrix (two dimensional) bar codes first designed in 1994 for the Japanese automotive industry have progressed a lot – as has consumer awareness, acceptance and enthusiasm.

More recent developments from static QR codes (fixed address pointing) to dynamic QR codes have meant you can change the ‘landing page’ without updating a new code – a significant improvement for many marketers.

The success of QR and print or promotional products integrating so easily has a lot to deal with the consistent growth in the use of mobile telephone and tablets – the latest developments of Apple I-Phones and Android OS enable immediate and easy access directly through the camera without any need for a specific QR reader. Marketing experts are calling 2019 ‘the year of the QR code’ as top brands such as Porsche, Instagram and L’Oréal have re-ignited major campaigns with QR.

‘Scanning’ is now an action that everyone understands.  If your business is international QR codes are very important for you to consider– in China, they are used for every kind of shopping and payment experience, and developments across the world show that this usage level is spreading into key markets – talk to the marketing team at Gemini Print for any updates.

QR is also an effective linking method to other engagement activity tools such as Geofencing – the ability to send your consumer’s useful information when they are near your business or service.

Enhancements mean that QR codes are now not limited to black and white – shapes (within the square), colours and branding of a QR code means they can ‘belong to you’ and appear as an integral element of your creative strategy, with ease.  A QR code also needs some ‘calm space,’ i.e. a white area around the code to ensure success.  The design of your code should be considered against your background.  The key to a good result is contrast!


QR Code Sizes

It is worth noting that a QR code cannot be ‘read’ by the lens if it is less than 1cm x 1cm (0.4 x 0.4 in) even for ‘close reading’ on, e.g. a business card or small product packaging.

On, e.g. larger packaging and all marketing literature, the general view is not to have a QR code less than 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (I x 1 in) or 115 x 115 pixels.  While the cameras on smartphones are improving all the time you cannot risk excluding any response from people who may be using older or more basic mobile devices.

When using QR codes on billboards, signs, banners, event stands etc. the size must increase to enable the realistic camera distance for scanning,

By considering the typical distance, your customers would be using their mobiles to respond to your QR promotion will mean the correct size will be designed to be effective for you.

If the QR code will have a lot of data encoded the number of rows and columns required is another factor that will increase the size for effective scanning – and response!