A perfect finish

“For us, it’s all about progressing a ‘good piece of print’ into something exquisite – exploiting the emotions and senses is proven to gain attention, response and recall.”

AP, February 2019

So, you have chosen your paper, printing method, images, typography, design and the fulfilment services you want so let’s have a look at some of the ‘Total Service’ skilled print finishing techniques Gemini Print provide to:-

  • Enhance your brand design impact

  • Accentuate key items or messages

  • Increase reader appeal, engagement, and response

  • Extend the durability and lifespan of your printed products

  • Create bespoke projects to ensure your originality and differentiation

You can talk to the Gemini Print team for inspiration and examples of what you could achieve. Even the most creative marketing challenge can gain extra impetus with a skilled consultative approach!

Technology + Hand Finishing

As mentioned in the Print Binding section professional print finishing involves a combination of highly skilled mechanised processes, leading-edge mechanisation, and the diligence of the large hand-finishing team – labour intensive work to ensure care and attention to the smallest detail.

The Gemini Print ‘Total Service’ approach provides a single point of client services liaison to progress from print finishing to, e.g. fulfilment, storage, ‘pick, pack & despatch’, mailings/direct mail, or distribution  – gaining you increased deadline and turnaround efficiency, security confidence, and effective value for money.


Your guide to professional Print Finishing

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Twelve of the best professional print binding options.

Collation and Inserting

From collating +100 pieces to inserting your letters into envelopes.

Die Cutting

Using skilled die-cutting processes for shape, function and originality.


A print binding process, and the creation of ‘hanging’ print.


A popular choice for gaining “wow”, power, and durability.

Embossing / Debossing

Gaining the benefits of tactile print with style and panache.


Tieing, interactive spinning and rotating wheels.

Foiling & Foil Blocking

An unbeatable impact with Gemini Print foil colours and choices.


Why do printers talk about accordions, gates, French and fans?

Gilding & Colour Edging

The beauty of gilt-edging and special colour edge treatments.


A less glamorous print finishing process but ‘glueability’ is important.

Greeting Card Packing

Another example of the Gemini Print approach to ‘Total Service’.

Laminates / Lamination

Skilled print finishing that gains you impact and durability.

Packaging & Bags

Gain all the sustainability advantages of paper and paper board.

Perforation / Perforating

Increase your response potential with effective ‘tear-off’.

Rounded Corners

Your guide to simple shaping and losing the sharp points!

Scoring / Creasing

When to score and when to crease – stop the cracks!

Sequential Numbering

Using variable data - create unique numeric and or alpha codes.

Spot UV Varnishing

It’s as effective as you shining the spotlight onto the lead actor.


The most popular cost-effective choice for commercial printing.

Thermographic Printing

A rarely requested service nowadays but the choice for some traditionalists.

Varnishing / Coating

Some call this the invaluable ‘beauty routine’ of print finishing.