Print Consultancy

The definitions of the word ‘consultancy’ include:-

“A professional practice that provides expert advice within a particular field”

“The provision of expert knowledge to a third party – consulting is most often used when a company needs an outside, expert opinion regarding a business decision.”

You are the expert in your business sector but cannot be expected to know e.g.

  • How to ensure you are gaining the very best results from your printing

  • How to ensure ideas for developing your business convert into a cost-effective results-driven project

  • How to integrate quality print and promotions solutions into other marketing and communications activity

  • How to create a brief and buy print effectively

You now have access to the team of consultants at Gemini Print. They are friendly and experienced, welcoming the opportunity to guide and advise you how to achieve a successful ‘partnership’ approach.  You gain the extra confidence of dealing directly with the professional print manufacturer who consistently invests in the right plant, skills and client services to maintain and enhance +40 years award-winning track record.

No hiding behind online-only estimating or purchasing, and no insistence that you ‘come to us’ – the Gemini Print team can spend time with you and your team to help you at every stage – from creating the strategy to ideas to plans to project success.  Contact Suzanne Heaven, Marketing Director or Paul Crimmen, Development Director, to request a meeting.

You can ask the Gemini Print management to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), so you can be 100% confident to discuss a competitive activity, new product or service launches, acquisition and take-over plans, company re-structures etc. – learning about your business results in relevant plans, estimates and agreements.

The key start point is ‘listening’ – listening to your goals and objectives.

In addition to broad-ranging printing knowledge, you can access Gemini Print team members who have specific business sector experience including:-


Print Contract Agreements

A client described forming a Contact Agreement with Gemini Print as:

“Since identifying how good printing was becoming critical to our business success, it was very important to establish a mutually binding commitment to protect standards, budgets and performance long-term”.

FG August 2019

Clients typically select Contractual periods ranging from five to one year, with extension options.

The benefits you gain include:-

  • Guaranteed terms and statement of work

  • Dedicated client services direct contact

  • Guaranteed prices

  • Timed KPI reporting & reviews

  • Planned capacity access

  • Planned supplies

  • Free additional services, e.g. web2print portal

  • Free access to strategic consultancy services

Print Partnership Infographic

Gemini Print’s eight key core principles

The principles and standards adhered to by Gemini Print when agreeing on a Contract Agreement to supply any combination of services to you will be:-

Gemini Print will work with you (and your procurement experts) to confirm the type of Contract Agreement that is best suited to your requirements.

Contract Agreements include the following options:-

  • Fixed (Fixed firm price, Fixed price plus incentive, Fixed price with economic price adjustments)

  • Sole Supplier

  • Preferred Supplier Agreements

  • Framework Agreements

  • Official Rostas


Gemini Print Tender Response service

Gemini Print are happy to respond to invitations to Tender, e.g. printing services, printed matter, lithographic printing, digital printing, large format printing, print finishing services, web2print, promotional product services, mailing and direct mail, and print fulfilment.

There is a clear understanding of the financial demands on Public Sector print buyers and the procurement teams of all businesses including major organisations or corporates – challenges to stretch budgets to achieve more by using an intelligent, high-quality approach maintaining a focus on the results and KPI.

With an efficient approach to the tender response process, led by the Development Director Paul Crimmen, Gemini Print can demonstrate the skills and credibility to satisfy your preferred supplier status requirements.

Environmental standards, ISO Accreditations, quality policies etc. are all in place – and the Gemini Print team is proud to invite you to inspect our premises and manufacturing factories at any time.

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