Be in control

Be in Control of all Your Printing & Promotions – With Ease

You Can:-

  • Save substantial administration and purchasing time

  • Maximise cost efficiencies

  • Protect your brand and design standards

  • Control spend and purchasing with ease

  • Effectively use variable data to personalise any print

  • Gain fast turnarounds

  • Improve your environmental standards

The Gemini Print team will:

  • Work with you to develop a bespoke solution unique to your specific purchasing and service needs

  • Match your online design and branding style

  • Create a secure portal containing your approved artwork templates

  • Commit to agreed estimates and costings

  • Establish who you authorise to order and sign off which products, spending levels etc

  • Set up simple log-ins/passwords and provide any user training

  • Create charging protocols and relevant accounting KPI

  • Programme limitless options re, e.g. variable delivery addresses

  • Always be available to support and develop your portal as required


Examples of effective Web2Print

Multi Departments/Teams

The Challenge: In, e.g. a large hotel, each department has widely differing printing requirements.  Concierges need luggage tags, bar staff need cocktail lists, restaurants need menus, receptions need welcome packs, the garage needs parking receipts, housekeeping need ‘do not disturb’ door hangers, conferences and events require a large range of sales literature, HR needs training packs, etc.  Hundreds off variations of printed items – all of which demand high-quality brand and design consistency.

The Gemini Print Solution: A bespoke portal with secure password logins for each department to order directly – removing all central administration bottlenecks.

UK and International Branches

The Challenge: A medical sector company with a high volume of home-based staff, in addition to nationwide offices and manufacturing centres and a substantial programme of international conferences and events. Numerous legislative controls demand consistent standards and tight approval processes for all materials. Substantial competition and ‘copy-cat’ brands require careful management. High-value business development opportunities mean delivery schedules are critical. Lack of storage space in offices or home offices demands ‘just in time supply.

The Gemini Print Solution: Creating a site that enables 1000’s of staff to enter their details and gain all materials personalised to their roles, geographies, product ranges etc delivered where and when things are needed – freeing head office to focus on creating effective marketing and brand development.


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Happy Gemini Print portal clients

“Gemini Print has streamlined a bottleneck we had in terms of business stationery (comp slips, letterheads, business cards and media packs) for our 50 franchisees. Previously, the ordering system we had was clunky.

Franchisees would fill out a requisition form for what items they needed. They would enter details of changes to the information, we would artwork those changes and submit to Gemini Print for production. A conversation with Paul Crimmen and Pete Lawrence resulted in our online ordering system which has revolutionised our working practice.

Now, a franchisee enters a secure online portal where they select the item they require, make changes to physical artwork online, save those changes, receive an automated proof and then approve and pay for the items directly – all from the comfort of their offices from their own PC’s.

Delivery is within four working days from proof sign off. It is a brilliant system and one which has freed up an incredible amount of our head office time.

The customer service we received from Gemini Print was outstanding. They went well above the call of duty to tailor the online system to our very specific and demanding needs.

The feedback from our franchisees has been excellent too.

Since the instigation of this online portal system, we have added many items, all of which require personalisation and have umpteen permutations in terms of materials, paperweights, finishes, quantities etc. and yet every time I speak with the Gemini Print team we receive a cheery response and an incredibly positive reaction.

Our franchisee stationery ordering system with Gemini Print is never going to be a huge business in terms of turnover, but the fact that the team have excelled themselves in delivering this brilliant solution to us is further testament to the commitment we, as a client of Gemini Print, genuinely feel. It’s the small things that often make the most difference, and Gemini Print has proved that from a customer service perspective, nothing is too large or small for them to create a workable and efficient solution.”

FSG, August 2019