Recently published by Steve Cropper of Gemini Group points out an easy and accessible way of streamline admin for franchise and multi-location operations.

Having done some research, we found that in many franchise and group operations the organising, administration and delivering of printed materials, customised to what each franchisee or office requires, can take one person up to four days in every month. What a waste of time!

Take one of our franchise customers that operates a leading weight loss franchise. Previously one lady there was in charge of ordering letterheads and leaflets so she could have 10,000 delivered to her at a go, including variations of each with location-specific details. Then she had to find room to store them before dispatching, as and when required, to towns around the UK. Following that there was arranging invoices for each location, and the book keeping nightmares of allocating costs to different cost centers and so on.

So I thought it about time to highlight the alternative; – its generically called Web-to-Print or Web2Print, – and many traditional printing operations up and down the country now offer this service. In a nutshell it makes on-demand print orders for multiple location businesses very easy, and cuts out the need for one poor sod to spend hours on an exhausting and often thankless admin task.

Any large organisation with multiple buyers or operating in multiple locations can benefit greatly from a Web2Print service. Each location has the ability to order and customise their printed requirements, within the specified design and brand constraints, themselves. Consistency in branding is always a concern within franchise networks and group operations; key to achieving this consistency is often in the marketing literature, from menu cards to business cards, from leaflets and letter heads to newsletters and so on. This is where a web2print portal service is invaluable.

In fact, it would appear that the larger the organisation the bigger the problem becomes with ordering print like business cards, leaflets etc. and therefore the greater the benefits from a Web2Print service.

For our lovely client mentioned above, Web-to-Print makes on-demand print more cost effective and easier to execute. Being able to order print quickly and simply is enough of a godsend for time-poor businesses, and now that individuals in the company order their own all she has to do is a monthly audit. Previously she was spending loads of time looking after print – now that’s all solved for her. Happy days!”

One of the added benefits of most Web2Print services is that the user interface can be overhauled to the clients’ exact specifications. It automatically books a job into the print system, creates print-ready artwork and processes everything up to the print stage.

It’s just a thought, but it might be worth considering a Web2Print service for your operation. For more information visit:

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