Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered about the process your print job goes through? We spoke to the staff behind the prints at Gemini Print Group and followed the process from start to finish.  Sales We start with Elaine in Sales. “We receive enquiries through phone, email or the web portal which can be from a sole […]

The Estimating and Proofing Process

Once you have contacted our Sales team with your print query and they have filled in a specification sheet, this is sent to the estimating team for your printing estimate, but what happens next? Here at Gemini Print Group, we know your deadlines are vital so we work effectively as a team to make sure […]

Our Sales Team

At Gemini Print Group, we have members of the sales team all around the UK. These locations include our offices in Shoreham-by-Sea, London and Bristol, meaning that we can come to you if you’d like to discuss anything specific. So what exactly happens when you contact one of our sales team?  Meet Elaine Meet Elaine, […]