The Estimating and Proofing Process

Once you have contacted our Sales team with your print query and they have filled in a specification sheet, this is sent to the estimating team for your printing estimate, but what happens next?

Here at Gemini Print Group, we know your deadlines are vital so we work effectively as a team to make sure that your request is processed as soon as possible, we all know time is money!

Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren, a Digital Estimator and Account Executive at our HQ in Shoreham-by-Sea. Here she explains what happens after receiving your specifications.

“We receive the customers request from the Sales team. We then need to determine what the client needs and consider paper, size, colours, quantity and whether it needs to be printed Digital or Litho”. (see blog post here on Digital VS Litho)

“From here we use Tharstons software to provide an estimate and this is sent to the client for approval.”

Once you have received your estimate you can then get in touch with your representative if you would like to go ahead. Your representative may also re-contact you to make sure you are happy with the estimate.

Once you have confirmed you’d like to proceed, the estimating team will book in your job, making sure all the information is correct, and send it on to the Studio. 

Meet Mark

Meet Mark, an Account Executive at Gemini Print and explains his role in the process.

“My role is client-facing, meaning I deal with the clients and make sure they are happy. After the estimate has been approved, we then convert this into a job and use software called Smart Review to make sure the job is correct, this is where we highlight specifications with the client, making sure they understand each process and are happy with the outcome. We then send all the jobs to the Studio to proof.”

Meet Ollie

We speak with Ollie, Pre-press Operator who receives the job in the Studio.

“Work comes to me from the Account Executives and is ready to be proofed. I process this in the proofing software to check all the images and colours. I then send this back to the Account Executive to send to the client so they can proof read also, this is the last chance before it goes off to print for the client to feedback.”

Once confirmed the team in the Studio then impose the print job and consider the style of the print, colours, quantity and paper and consider what printer the Gemini Print team may use, the team would then send it to an operations manager for scheduling.

For the next step of the process, click here to see what our Operations Team do

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