Don’t Just Buy Printing!

Your TOP 10 Tips to FOCUS on RESULTS

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With an overload of screen time, online scams, and fake news business people understand that for trust, response, and effective communication the ‘power of print and paper’ is critical to their results and business success.

It is important to know how to get the best value and achieve your objectives.

Mark Tulley of the Gemini Print group shares this simple guide to focus on results rather than print:-

The Gemini Print group team are happy to discuss these tips, or what you would like to achieve, at any time.

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mark-tulleyMark Tulley is a Group Director of Gemini Print. HQ is on the beautiful Sussex coast in Shoreham-by-Sea with another printing operation in Bristol, plus London and the North East. “I am too shy to admit to how many years I have been in the printing industry, but when you see me the grey hair may give you a good idea”. “We are proud of all 160 people in our team – most important is their passion and understanding about what it takes to be the ‘perfect print partner’!”

Mark Tulley, Group Director of Gemini Print