Flattery goes a long way so they say – and it is so true – most of us are putty in the hands of someone who is focusing just on us. Exactly the same can be said for how we feel about someone using our name when they contact us, whether by phone, email or importantly in print.

When our eyes focus on the words ‘Dear Customer ‘we instantly glaze over and assume that we’ve received yet another bit of unwanted junk mail – straight in the bin (hopefully the recycling bin) it goes! You see, a person’s name is to them, the most important word in any language.

If you receive some attractive mail that addresses you by name – you instantly respond more positively to it as your brain quickly assesses that it is from someone who knows you – another quick bit of computing in the grey matter – and you may assume you’ve had some contact with them before. Instantly the mail has your attention and you are on side.

If that piece of mail goes one step further and mentions the product you last bought, or the wine you last ordered when you visited a particular restaurant – you would certainly quickly fall helplessly into the arms of The Personalised Mail Fairy. You feel that the person sending you the mail likes you, cares about you and has taken the time to remember things about YOU.

This type of response is almost a dead cert. Personalisation strikes a cord with everyone. The cost is relatively low but boy the impact is INCREDIBLY HIGH.

We have a resident Personalised Mail Fairy who can organise personalised mail with one wave of her wand! You can address your customers, or the guests to your event, just like old, treasured and respected friends.

Not only that but Gemini Digital is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to produce personalised financial and pension statements required by banks, finance houses and pension providers. So rest assured, your data is safe in the hands of Gemini Digital.

Let the Gemini Personalised Mail Fairy work her spell on you.
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