The team looks forward to helping you

Gemini Print operates in one of the most competitive and resource-demanding manufacturing and creative industries sectors in the world.

By establishing a reputation with clients for exceptional service standards, value, and focus on quality results and response, the team provides a wide range of professional commercial printing, mailing, creative design, print finishing ,multi-media/online integration and promotional merchandise services to businesses, organisations, the public sector, and charities across the UK.

Fast responses to market needs, decisions to diversify, innovation to develop the Gemini Print ‘Total Service’ solutions, consistent investment in the latest technology and skills, environmental care, quality Accreditations, pro-active CSR, and trusted friendly teams combine to offer you a genuine client centric consultative approach – and leads to effective partnerships focussed on your success.


Who is Gemini Print?

Gemini Print has grown and developed over the last 41 years, creating an impressive depth of professional commercial printing, mailing, and promotional merchandise experience to provide you with excellent results. Gemini Print is now a team of more than 180 people, led by Managing Director Steve Cropper.

The Gemini Print ‘Total Service’ strategy launched in 2018/19 includes:-

  • Developing the award-winning client-focussed Service team.

  • Increasing the investment in leading-edge technology and manufacturing for effective pricing, speed and results.

  • Expanding the range of  services and solutions

  • Creating a skilled consultative business development team

  • Consistently enhance quality and environmental management standards

Regardless of whether you are a new business start-up needing basic leaflets and business cards, from the public or third sector, or you represent a multi-site international corporate or organisation needing bespoke web2print portals, mailings and direct marketing, print storage and fulfilment and fully contracted KPI excellence the friendly client services team is ready to help you achieve a great response, effective value, and impressive quality standards.


Where is Gemini Print?

Based in the Gatwick Diamond region in West Sussex between Worthing and the city of Brighton and Hove, the HQ of Gemini Print is in the lovely coastal town of Shoreham-by-Sea in the South East of England.

Further print manufacturing is in the beautiful vibrant city of Bristol where the Gemini Print West team have gained an excellent reputation throughout the South West, the Cotswolds, and the Midlands.

In addition to Gemini Print London and Gemini Print North in County Durham, nationwide coverage and a high standard of client service are provided to clients by the team consultants based across the UK including Kent, East Sussex, Mid Sussex, the Thames Valley, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire and the Midlands.

So – whether it is local, county-wide, regional, nationwide or international printing, despatch, mailing or promotional services and solutions that you need Gemini Print is ready, equipped and experienced to help you.

All clients are welcome to visit the Gemini Print manufacturing centres (visitors are often amazed when they see the 80,000 sq ft operations), or the team are happy to meet with you in a location of your choice.  Get in touch to arrange your meeting.


What does Gemini Print provide?

There are fifteen choices when answering this question as the Gemini Print team now provides a ‘one-stop’ ‘Total Service’ to help clients with every aspect of printed (paper plus a wide range of substrates/materials), communication, mailing, direct marketing, administration, training & HR, publishing, events & conferences, POS, business development, sales, and promotions collateral.

A glance at the Gemini Print A-Z of print products introduces you to a range of ideas from annual reports to Z-cards including leaflets, folders, brochures, magazines, business cards, vouchers, posters, pads, invitations, programmes, newsletters and personalised direct mail.  Promotional products, branded merchandise, packaging, signage, event and exhibition collateral and POS – from simple pens, mugs, selfie boards, flags and banners to luxury personalised gifts, conference packs, branded furniture, hoardings and backdrops.

With consistent investment in quality printing, finishing and mailing plant Gemini Print provides you with a strong combination of printing options including lithographic printingdigital printinglarge format and super-wide format printing in addition to skilled in-house finishing and binding, personalisation, direct mail, digital foilingstorage and fulfilment plus design & artwork, print to online integration, and MDS.

From advisory and briefing stages through to ‘own fleet’ despatch and delivery, there are people in the Gemini Print team to achieve your project needs.

You can be confident of friendly, easy liaison and communication with an account executive or manager who will partner with you to coordinate every step of the way – ensuring you are satisfied with the high standard of service, the value and commitment to providing the best possible results.

15 ‘Total Service’ & solutions provided by Gemini Print

You can take a look at a sample of client feedback and testimonials, but – it is what you need to achieve that is most important, so get in touch and set your challenge!

One of the Gemini Print team can come and meet with you – even if your project is some time ahead, it is worth gaining free advice and input from a team that has many years of solid experience and success in understanding that it is your results that are the key focus.

You are also welcome to visit one of the manufacturing centres to see for yourself the commitment to quality, the investment in plant and technology, the environmental standards and chat with some of the +180 people who will be helping you gain ‘the power of print’.


Why is Steve different?



Managing Director, Steve Cropper and the Gemini Print board are fearless – with a motto of ‘dare to be different!’

There was a time when business charged headlong to digital/online only communication and marketing and many print companies stopped investing and developing.  As a result, while Gemini Print steadily changes and grows, sadly, there are still many closures throughout the UK print industry.

Steve identified that the successful businesses and clients were the ones who had recognised that the uniquely trusted ‘power of print and paper’ was an essential part of any client retention, sales development, or business plan – vital for effective response, business development conversion, good communication, customer delight and brand credibility.

Long before the independent research evidence was available about the importance of print, those clients had inspired Steve to take a fresh and very different route for Gemini Print.

Against the tide of closures, Steve Cropper made good use of more than 30 years print business experience and implemented a clear plan for growth; expanding the range of services and solutions, quality service skills development, pro-active environmental management, secure service multi-site manufacturing operations with 24/7 capabilities, and leading-edge technology investment – all focused on consistent improvement in the standards of services and value for you.

Friendly & Skilled

Gemini Print knows there are a plethora of ‘bulk’ online printers that ‘do the job’ for some people.

However, choosing the best quality of printing and promotions is a business-critical decision for you which is why there is a large team of sales, consultants and client services who are mobile and do not hide behind computer screens – you gain individual contact and service focused on your project to achieve the results, value, timing, and KPI your business or organisation needs.

Steve is passionate about ensuring everyone on the team is focussed – the aim is simple – it is to become your “perfect print partner!”

Gemini Print Cares

Despite the history of the business seeing ‘tough times’ the team cares way beyond the usual levels of CSR.

Steve and the team won’t let anything get in the way of consistent improvement: eco-standards, award-winning supply chain relationships, respecting clients goals and needs, protecting employees, plus practical consultancy and fundraising support for more than twenty charities and community groups every year.  2019 even saw him abandoning the rugby club to train for a cabaret performance in front of 600 dinner guests to raise more than £22,000 through the generous support of local people, the team, suppliers, and clients plus the highly amused guests on the night! (However the heels and outfit have resulted in him declaring “never again”!)


12 questions to ask a printer

When Is Your Printer a “Good Partner?”

Gemini Print can, of course, ‘ just do your printing or mailing’ or ‘take an order’ for merchandise, or …however, there is a large skilled team ready to provide help and advice, plus specialist sector consultancy and support to focus on solutions to your challenges and the results you want to achieve.  – partnering with you for the best value approach to gain the standards and response you require.

12 questions to ensure you have your ‘perfect print partner’?

  • Are they a ‘real printer’ who invest in the right print manufacturing plant, factories and experienced teams?

  • Can they provide you with a broad range of ‘total’ services and solutions?

  • How do they make an effort to respect your budget, KPI and ROI challenges?

  • Have they got a fantastic track record?

  • Do they welcome you to visit?

  • Can they provide a friendly ‘face to face’ service?

  • Are they ‘professional, and consultative’ – much more than ‘traditional print salespeople’?

  • Do they have international standard Accreditation’s?

  • Do they care about the quality and environmental standards that are important to you?

  • Is there a ‘one-stop’ client services team?

  • Can they demonstrate established credibility, consistency and development investment?

  • How experienced are they at ‘partnering’ to provide a range of contract options to give you guaranteed service, price and bespoke KPI reviews?

Gemini Print Heart

When a printer like Gemini Print has invested and worked hard to develop good standards, it is tempting to forget that in most cases you are not very interested to hear about jobs for other clients, quality standards, machinery plant lists, award-winning production processes, technology innovations, ISO Accreditation, or competitive pricing for your print, mailing, promotional merchandise etc.

You rightly expect that for every £ you spend that you will gain excellence, on-target timing, and effective value – the ‘extra something’ that means Gemini Print becomes a very good partner to your business is when the team demonstrates to you that they have the skills and the approach that cares about YOU and what you need to achieve.


How has Gemini Print developed?

Gemini Print History

August 4


Powerful customer service focussed investment programmes are underway for 2020 impact with new management information system implementation – the plan is for effective integration of four different databases and process controls to enhance efficiencies at every stage of client contact.


The Gemini Print 2019/2020 strategy is to focus on consistent investment and development of a ‘Total Services & Solutions’ for effective partnerships with clients for all aspects of printing, mailing and promotional merchandise services.

August 3


Gemini Print and Foundry Press


The Horsham based Foundry Press was incorporated into Gemini Print Spring 2019 after they went into administration.  All key skilled staff joined the  Gemini Print team providing consistent liaison for clients with an enhanced range of products and services, additional expertise, increased value, plus flexible capacity high-speed turnarounds and secure multi-site KPI assurance.

August 2


recycling logo


In addition to the regular assessments for the Gemini Print ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management, the team consistently identify new processes to adapt to achieve higher standards. One example in 2019 has been the programme to replace 80,000 sq feet of manufacturing, and administration lighting to light-emitting diode LED fittings – quite an undertaking!

August 1


Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH82-P


The programme of plant and equipment investment continues with leading-edge technology high-speed Heidelberg folders, increased finishing tools,  mailing lines, and HP Indigo digital printing press.

August 1



2019 success got underway with two major new awards:  The Gatwick Diamond Manufacturing Business of the Year plus the Gatwick Diamond Award for Customer Delight, in addition to highly commended for Supply Chain Excellence.

July 27


The future looks incredibly bright for Gemini Print – a secure and solid print expert with an incredibly creative and strategic business team at the helm.

January 30


The collapse of the Bristol-based printing firm Kingswood resulted in Gemini Print – West welcoming new key members to the team who focus on providing expert consultancy to clients: printing, mailing and promotional merchandise, throughout the South West, Midlands and North West.

January 27


A new focus on a consultative customer-centric business approach resulted in the expansion of services for clients including advanced Web2Print solutions; cost-efficient Managed Document Solutions (office printing, copying, scanning and secure document controls) innovative online/print integration to drive additional response, plus an increased range of promotional products and branded merchandise. (Gemini Print can give you a FREE  bespoke website enabling you to see your logo on +500 products.)
January 27


Gemini Print continues to grow through strategic product and services development and acquisition – enhancing the skills and experience base in West Sussex, Bristol and London’s operations expanding the nationwide coverage and international presence while gaining awards for Top Manufacturer, Young Trainee development and Large Company of the Year.
Consistent investment in the best plant sees the arrival of the powerful Heidelberg XL105 ten colour B1 press – a 65-ton machine that pushes Gemini Print into leading the way in commercial lithographic printing.
July 27


In June 2016, the aftershock of BREXIT swept through Britain on June 7. Steve Cropper described it as ‘unprecedented’.  “The uncertainly of Brexit caused a mini credit crunch in the print sector and unfortunately resulted in another two casualties in the sector,” Steve Cropper commented.
‘However, Gemini Print has consistently proved its strength and ambition in the sector.  We are all very proud of Gemini Print and what it has achieved and continues to achieve – its ongoing development, expansion and investment. The team provides exceptional service and our innovations and product quality keep our customers loyal.”
July 27


Chris Pennison, a manufacturing efficiency specialist, also joined the Gemini board in 2015 and since then has focused on his area of expertise – process improvement – to great effect.  This has dramatically increased efficiencies and as a result, has delighted clients, suppliers and shareholders.

July 27


In 2015 the demise of Paperlinx, a key supplier to the national print sector, sent ripples throughout the sector nationally, pushing many printers to the edge of the line and unfortunately resulted in a number going out business. Gemini weathered the storm and, with the backing of successful entrepreneur John Boyle, went from strength to strength.

July 27


With Steve Cropper at the helm since 2011 and 160 loyal employees, Gemini Print has safely navigated stormy global and national economic conditions to be the preferred supplier to many blue chip global clients.

July 27


In 1991 Gemini Print was formed by the merger of two well-established Brighton firms; Gemini Press and Blackburn Print.  Over the past 26 years the company has been restructured a number of times to accommodate mergers and acquisitions.